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Changing the Fundraising Game: How Omaze and CharityStars Captivate Donors

Omaze: The Fundraising Platform that Gets You Dream Prizes

Fundraising has always been a critical aspect of social and humanitarian work. But lets face it, donating can feel like youre merely contributing a tiny drop in an ocean of need.

That’s where Omaze, a fundraising platform that gives you a chance to win amazing experiences and prizes while supporting a good cause, comes in. What is Omaze?

Omaze is a joint venture between Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins, former executives at charity-oriented companies. Established in 2012, the platform aims to make philanthropy more accessible and high-profile, attracting more donors to a broad range of charities.

Omaze offers one-of-a-kind experiences, such as the chance to appear in a blockbuster movie, walk the red carpet with your favorite celebrity, or travel the world with famous people. As a result, Omazes unique approach to fundraising has attracted a diverse and youthful donor demographic, which is far-reaching than traditional means.

Founders and Sweepstake Prizes

Co-founders of Omaze, Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins have always been passionate about charities, nonprofits, and social impact. From a young age, the pair had been volunteering for various causes.

They noticed that traditional charity galas and auctions faced the same issues. They were labor-intensive and often could not raise as much money as they wished.

Omaze was thus born, with the intention of making donation exhilarating! The platform offers donors the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the proceeds going to people in need around the world. Omaze interactions are easy for you to participate in.

Simply select one of the fantastic experiences they are putting on. Upon payment, your name is automatically entered into a sweepstake to win the experience.

The more you donate, the greater the likelihood of winning.

Donations and Charities

The unique characteristic of Omaze is its ability to bring attention to various charities, in turn, increasing donations for their causes. Sources claim the partners have raised over a hundred thousand dollars in donations to various charities worldwide.

Those charities include the Malala Fund, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and so many more. Omaze designs campaigns specific to the charities they support.

It highlights the work of current charities and causes and urges people to donate money to a specific campaign. Thus, charities and donors effectively accomplish their purpose simultaneously, making it a win-win situation.

For-Profit Approach

Omaze operates as a for-profit organization, which means it raises money from both donors and brands. The Business model involves offering brands and influencers an opportunity to contribute towards the stage experience in return for a chance to sponsor the campaign.

As a result, Omaze continues to grow and has raised over $150 million to date. The company is transparent about its “for-profit” status, ensuring that donors understand that their contributions further a good cause, as opposed to only furthering the company’s financial interests.

Legal Troubles

Like all organizations, Omaze has had its ups and downs. In 2017, an investigative report by The New York Times revealed that Omaze used a smaller percentage of its proceeds on charitable causes than it initially led donors to expect.

This triggered an investigation by the California Attorney General’s office for misleading the public regarding the allocation of funds. Omaze subsequently agreed to pay a fine and became more transparent about sharing the information to their donors and regulatory agencies.

As always, it’s vital for donors to conduct thorough research into an organization before donating to ensure that the organization aligns with their values.


Charitybuzz is a platform launched in 2005 and offers high-rolling, exclusive auctions, in which the proceeds go to various charities. Brides and Bouquets, a celebrity wedding auction, is one of their past campaigns.

The company currently supports over 4,000 charities worldwide. Unlike Omaze, Charitybuzz does not offer experiences or sweepstakes as rewards for donations.

They host a series of charity auctions to honor commitments to charity. It’s a bit more traditional when compared to Omaze’s approach, but still, they serve as a great platform for donors.

Mobile App

Omaze recently launched a mobile app that offers key features of the platform’s desktop version. As a result, donors can quickly register, donate, and stay up to date on the latest sweepstakes through the app.

The app has already collected a five-star rating on the Apple store.

Client and Charity Base

Omaze has a widespread client base that spans across the globe with over a million individuals that have participated. Yet, Omaze’s primary demographic is aged 18 to 35, a sought after market.

Omaze supports a broad range of charities too. Their key partners include the Representation Project, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Malala Fund, and so many more.


Omaze has grown significantly since its launch in 2012. It’s estimated to be worth around $100 million in 2021, with millions in charitable donations to various nonprofits globally.

In conclusion, Omaze offers an innovative approach to fundraising that attracts a younger, edgier demographic to donate to causes around the world. Platforms such as Charitybuzz also offer traditional charity auctions that have helped to support charities worldwide.

It’s always essential to research and understand an organization you want to donate toward and is fundamental in increasing transparency and trust. CharityStars: Supporting Charities with

Celebrity Experiences

CharityStars is an online platform that connects donors with industry-leading celebrities to raise money for various charities worldwide.

The platform enables people to bid on experiences and unique items, with the proceeds going towards causes that they care about. Heres what you need to know about CharityStars.

Celebrity Experiences

Throughout its existence, CharityStars has thrived on offering donors exclusive celebrity experiences that leave a lasting impression. Whether its a meet and greet with a superstar or back-stage passes at a high-profile concert, theres an experience to suit every individual’s taste.

What sets CharityStars apart is its combination of A-list donors and charities. For instance, donors can bid on an opportunity to meet and have lunch with Gordan Ramsay or attend a Formula One race with Nico Rosberg, with the proceeds going to support various charities.

Auctions and Direct Purchases

CharityStars offers two primary ways for users to make donations on its platform. Users can either participate in auctions and bid on unique experiences or choose a direct purchase item – items that are available for purchase without participating in auctions.

Auctions generally offer a higher amount of money for the charity. On the other hand, direct purchases are more straightforward and allow for immediate donations.

Fees and Concierge Services

CharityStars provides an array of services to make auctions and donations seamless for donors; however, they come at a cost. For instance, there may be a premium fee attached to unique items or experiences.

Charity Stars also provides concierge-level service to all auction winners, making their celebrity experiences all the more memorable. The platform will coordinate all travel arrangements for auction winners, from flights to transportation, hotel bookings, and entertainment- leaving nothing to chance and ensuring a hassle-free experience for winner and their guests.

Charity Partners

CharityStars support an extensive network of charity partners, which run the gamut from small-scale charities to large-scale nonprofits. The platform has forged various partnerships to give back to communities worldwide.

Some of their primary charity partners include the Save the Children Fund, Muscular Dystrophy UK, and Women for Women International. CharityStars’ network of charities is what sets it apart from other fundraising platforms.

Acquisition and Funding

In 2019, the CharityStars platform was acquired by philanthropist Nick Candy. As a result, the company rebranded as Iconic Investments.

With his backing, CharityStars has been able to scale up, expanding to new territories and increasing the number of charity collaborations on its platform. This funding has enabled CharityStars to launch unique campaigns, such as the “Running Against Cancer” campaign, where people ran a half marathon to raise funds to support cancer research and programs worldwide.

The campaign was highly successful, raising over 160,000 euros to support the cause. Funding and


CharityStars’ revenue model is principally based on commissions from auction sales; with the remainder of the revenue coming from charitable donations.

This revenue structure allows the platform to support a broad range of charities. CharityStars has funded and supported various philanthropic projects worldwide, from providing healthcare services in underdeveloped countries to supporting vulnerable children and women worldwide.


Celebrity Sweepstakes for Charity

Prizeo is another online fundraising platform that has capitalized on the power of celebrity to raise money for charitable causes. It provides users with a chance to win celebrity encounters by participating in sweepstakes, which donate all proceeds to a charity.

Celebrity Sweepstakes

Prizeo sweepstakes are the primary way donors make contributions on the platform. Sweepstakes snag users a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience, such as a lunch date with Taylor Swift or backstage passes to a Nick Jonas concert.

By donating to the platform’s sweepstakes, donors have a chance to win celebrity experiences while supporting social causes.

Free Participation Option

One feature that sets Prizeo apart is that there is always a free participation option that gives entrants a chance to win without making a donation. Donors can increase their chances of winning by making a larger donation, but the free participation option levels the playing field.

Funding and


Prizeo’s revenue streams are similar to other fundraising platforms. They receive commissions from sweepstakes ticket sales, and donations are strictly donated to charity.

The commission charged by Prizeo is usually around 10% of the sweepstake earnings.

Connection to Charity Network

Prizeo has various charity collaborations in place, with different campaigns supporting different organizations. Prizeo’s campaigns will raise funds for various charities, from environmental efforts to initiatives aimed at reducing poverty.

Its charity network includes UNICEF, the Malala Fund, and the Biden Foundation. In conclusion, CharityStars and Prizeo have catered to donors’ philanthropic impulses and given them an avenue to become involved through unique celebrity experiences.

The projects show how celebrity involvement in philanthropy can create a significant difference in raising funds for support and assistance across different communities worldwide. Finally, both platforms, based on their collaboratively supported charities, yield measurable and meaningful progress.

One Country: Sweepstakes, Membership, and Charitable Giving

One Country is a unique fundraising platform that combines sweepstakes, membership programs, and charitable giving to create a meaningful impact. With a focus on cash and car sweepstakes, the platform offers donors the chance to win exciting prizes while supporting important causes.

Let’s explore the various aspects of One Country’s platform and how it contributes to philanthropic efforts.

Sweepstakes for Cash and Cars

One Country’s sweepstakes are a popular feature that attracts individuals looking to support charity while also having a chance to win big. The platform offers various sweepstakes with enticing prizes, such as cash and car giveaways.

Donors can enter the sweepstakes by making a donation, and each donation typically corresponds to a certain number of entries into the giveaway. The excitement of potentially winning a significant prize drives more people to participate, thereby raising more funds for the supported charities.

The sweepstakes create a win-win situation, allowing donors to contribute to causes they care about while also having a shot at life-changing prizes.

Membership Program

One Country also offers a membership program that provides exclusive benefits to its members. By becoming a member, donors gain access to additional sweepstakes, special discounts, and early access to the latest campaigns.

The membership program incentivizes individuals to contribute on an ongoing basis, ensuring a steady flow of donations for the platform’s charitable endeavors.

Donations and Employees

One Country is committed to making a positive impact, not only through its fundraising efforts but also through its employees. The platform encourages its employees to contribute to charitable causes and even matches their donations, doubling the impact of their generosity.

This commitment to giving back extends beyond the platform itself, fostering a culture of philanthropy within the organization. One Country’s dedication to charitable giving demonstrates that they not only encourage their donors to make a difference but also actively participate in charitable efforts themselves.

Their employees become ambassadors for the causes they support, setting an example for others to follow. BiddingForGood: An

Auction-Based Platform for Charitable Giving

BiddingForGood is an online platform that leverages the power of auctions to raise funds for charitable causes.

With a wide range of categories and an extensive network of charities, BiddingForGood connects donors with unique auction items, making giving back an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Auction-Based Platform

At its core, BiddingForGood operates as an auction-based platform, offering individuals the chance to bid on exclusive items and experiences. From signed memorabilia to vacation packages, there is something for everyone.

The thrill of bidding against others adds a competitive element that further drives up the funds raised for charities.

Categories and Charities

BiddingForGood’s platform is organized into various categories, allowing donors to browse items that align with their interests and passions. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, fine art, or luxury vacations, there is a category to suit every individual’s preferences.

By organizing items into categories, BiddingForGood ensures that donors can easily find items they are interested in and increase their engagement with the platform. In addition to categories, BiddingForGood features a diverse range of charities to support.

From local nonprofits to international organizations, there are many causes to choose from. Donors can browse through the list of participating charities and select the causes that resonate with them, knowing that their contributions will directly support those organizations.

Goodometer and Fundraising

BiddingForGood introduced a unique feature called the Goodometer, which measures the impact of fundraising efforts in real-time. This visual representation of progress helps drive engagement and encourages donors to contribute more towards a campaign.

The Goodometer allows donors to see the tangible effect of their donations, creating a sense of accomplishment and inspiring them to continue supporting the cause.

Founder and Acquisition

BiddingForGood was founded by Jon Carson, a passionate advocate for social change. His vision was to create a platform that would seamlessly connect charities with donors.

In 2015, the company was acquired by Frontstream, a leading provider of technology solutions for nonprofits. The acquisition expanded BiddingForGood’s reach and resources, allowing them to continue innovating and serving the charitable community.

In conclusion, One Country and BiddingForGood offer unique approaches to fundraising and philanthropy. One Country’s sweepstakes and membership program incentivize donors to contribute while offering them exciting rewards.

BiddingForGood’s auction-based platform provides a diverse range of categories and charities, allowing donors to contribute to causes they care about while bidding on exclusive items. Both platforms showcase the power of technology and creativity in driving charitable giving and making a positive impact.

In conclusion, platforms like Omaze, CharityStars, Prizeo, One Country, and BiddingForGood have revolutionized fundraising by offering donors unique experiences, sweepstakes, and auction-based opportunities to support charitable causes. These platforms not only raise funds but also engage donors in a more interactive and exciting manner.

Whether it’s the chance to win amazing prizes, participate in exclusive celebrity encounters, or bid on rare items, these platforms have demonstrated the power of technology and innovation in driving philanthropy. The key takeaway is that anyone can make a difference by supporting causes they care about, and these platforms provide accessible and engaging avenues to do so.

By combining giving-back with enjoyable experiences, we can create a lasting impact and build a more compassionate world.

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