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Ibotta: The Ultimate Cashback and Discount App

Ibotta: The Ultimate App for Saving Money

Are you tired of searching high and low for the best deals on your purchases? Look no further than Ibotta, the mobile app that offers cashback and discounts on everyday purchases.

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Ibotta, including its business model, history, and revenue generation. Moreover, we will examine how the app works and the benefits it brings to its Ibotta

Ibotta’s Business Model

The power behind Ibotta’s cashback system lies in its brand partnerships.

The app has teamed up with retailers, restaurants, and other businesses to offer discounts and cashback rewards to its users. When a user purchases an item from a partner brand, they can submit a receipt via the app to receive cashback on eligible items.

Users can accumulate rewards and redeem them for cash or gift cards once they hit a certain amount. Ibotta also generates revenue by charging a small account maintenance fee when a user hasn’t redeemed their rewards within a specific timeframe.

Additionally, the app makes money by charging advertisers and affiliates for the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

History of Ibotta

Founded in 2011 by Bryan Leach, Ibotta relies heavily on mobile technology to connect users with its brand partners. The company initially received $3 million in funding and experienced significant growth in 2013 when it secured $20 million in Series B funding.

In 2015 and 2017, Ibotta received $55 million and $25 million in funding, respectively. In 2021, the company is valued at over $1 billion and is looking to go public with an IPO.

How Ibotta Works

Cashback and Discounts for


Ibotta has partnered with over 1,500 retail and restaurant brands, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. When a user purchases an eligible item from a partner brand, they can upload a receipt using the app.

Eligible items are determined by the partner and will vary by brand. Once the receipt is verified, the user receives cashback on eligible items.

Users can also earn additional rewards by completing certain tasks, such as watching a branded video or purchasing a specific product.

Revenue Generation for Ibotta

Ibotta generates revenue in several ways. Firstly, the app charges affiliates and advertisers a fee for partnering with the company.

Moreover, the app aggregates users’ data to sell to third-party advertisers, who use the information to send targeted ads to Ibotta’s users. Lastly, Ibotta charges a small account maintenance fee if a user has not redeemed their rewards within a certain timeframe.

Benefits of Using Ibotta

Aside from the obvious benefit of cashback rewards and discounts on purchases, Ibotta has several features that make it easy for users to save money. Firstly, the app automatically detects eligible items based on the user’s transaction history, streamlining the receipt upload process.

Secondly, users can link their loyalty cards to Ibotta to get automatic rewards without the need for additional receipts. Lastly, Ibotta offers team rewards, where users can invite friends and family to join their team and earn additional rewards together.


In conclusion, Ibotta is the perfect app for those looking to save money on everyday purchases. Whether you’re buying groceries or shopping online, Ibotta’s extensive network of brand partners has got you covered.

Not only can you earn cashback and rewards, but you can also take advantage of targeted ads and save on account maintenance fees. With Ibotta, saving money has never been easier or more accessible.

Ibotta’s Ownership and Mission

When it comes to Ibotta’s ownership, the company’s founder Bryan Leach remains at the helm as CEO. Over the years, Ibotta has attracted investors from various places, including venture capital firms like Institutional Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Coatue Management.

As of its most recent funding round, Ibotta is valued at over $1 billion and has raised $325 million in total funding.

Ibotta’s mission statement is simple yet powerful: “Make every purchase rewarding.” This statement emphasizes the app’s focus on providing value to users through cashback rewards and discounts.

At its core, Ibotta seeks to give users an experience that brings joy to their everyday transactions. Since its inception, Ibotta has managed to deliver on its mission with over 50 million downloads and nearly $2 billion in rewards earned by users.

Ibotta’s Customer Segments


The primary customer segment for Ibotta is millennials and younger generations. These demographics typically have higher expectations around discounts and cashback rewards, making Ibotta an attractive option for them.

Ibotta’s extensive list of brand partners also appeals to regular brand purchasers, with partners including Coca-Cola, Dove, and Levi’s. Moreover, the app leverages user data to provide personalized savings opportunities, making it an essential tool for regular shoppers.


Ibotta’s retailer partners play a critical role in the app’s success. They serve as advertising partners, cashback providers, and the target audience for Ibotta’s marketing initiatives.

Ibotta’s retailer partners benefit from increased foot traffic and sales, while also gaining insights into consumer behavior. For example, the anonymized data collected by Ibotta offers retailers market research and insights into in-store purchasing trends.

Data Partners

Ibotta also collaborates with data partners to analyze consumers’ shopping behaviors and provide insights into marketing opportunities. These partners access anonymized data on consumer shopping behaviors, which can provide retailers with an insight into market trends.

Data partnerships allow retailers to drive revenue growth by providing insights into which promotions and marketing messages will resonate with customers. Moreover, data partnerships enable brands to build better customer profiles by capturing more comprehensive consumer data.


In conclusion, Ibotta’s ownership, mission, and customer segments play key roles in the app’s success. Bryan Leach remains in charge as CEO, and Ibotta has attracted substantial investments from various venture capital firms.

The company’s mission to “Make every purchase rewarding” has helped it deliver value to users while also supporting retailers and data partners. By catering to millennials and younger generations, Ibotta has cultivated a loyal user base that has helped it achieve tremendous growth over the years.

As a result, Ibotta has become an essential tool for brands and retailers looking to understand consumers and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Ibotta’s Value Propositions


Ibotta’s primary value proposition for users is the opportunity to earn cashback and discounts on everyday purchases. The app offers users a seamless experience, from browsing the app to submitting receipts and redeeming rewards.

Users can also link their loyalty cards and take advantage of automatic rewards without any additional effort. Ibotta’s streamlined user experience sets it apart from other cashback apps and makes it an attractive option for those seeking savings without the hassle.

Moreover, Ibotta invests heavily in user research, ensuring that the app reflects users’ pain points and expectations.


For retailers, Ibotta’s value proposition is the potential to generate leads and drive sales. By partnering with Ibotta, retailers access a significant user base that represents an ideal audience for their products and services.

By offering cashback and discounts, retailers can incentivize customers to try new products or increase their average spend.

Retailers can also gain insights into consumer behavior and tailor their promotions to be more effective. By enhancing their understanding of their customers, retailers can maximize their profits while also providing consumers with a better shopping experience.

Data Partners

Ibotta’s data partners benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of targeted audiences. By accessing anonymized data on consumer behavior, data partners can help retailers and brands create more detailed customer profiles.

Data partners can also improve retailers’ audience segmentation, ensuring that promotions and marketing campaigns reach the right demographics. Moreover, data partners can provide valuable insights into how to target and engage specific audiences, helping retailers and brands create effective messaging strategies.

Ibotta’s Channels

Mobile app

Ibotta’s mobile app is the primary channel through which users engage with the app’s services.

Users can access the app through the Google Play Store or App Store, and it’s available to use on both iOS and Android devices. The app’s mobile experience is convenient and easy to use, providing users with a seamless way to browse cashback offers and submit receipts.

Additionally, users receive push notifications with new offers and promotions, keeping them engaged with the app.

Social media

Ibotta leverages social media to promote its services and engage with customers. Through its social media accounts, Ibotta runs promotions, shares user-generated content, and provides helpful information on how to use the app effectively.

This approach creates a sense of community around the app, which helps to foster customer loyalty. Moreover, the brand awareness that social media provides can attract new users and increase Ibotta’s reach.

Blog posts

Ibotta’s blog serves as a content creation platform, creating helpful articles that educate customers on how to use the app and maximize savings opportunities. These posts can also help to engage existing users and provide them with valuable information.

Blog posts can also enhance the app’s visibility on search engines, making it easier for new users to discover the app.


In conclusion, Ibotta’s value propositions and channels make it a reliable option for both consumers and retailers.

Users appreciate the opportunity to save money easily, while retailers benefit from access to a valuable audience.

Data partners can help both parties by providing insights into consumer behavior, which enables more effective marketing practices.

By leveraging its mobile app, social media, and blog content, Ibotta has created a community that values the app’s services and trusts its brand. With its well-crafted value propositions and effective channels, Ibotta is positioned for continued growth and success.

Ibotta’s Revenue Streams

Affiliate Commissions

One of Ibotta’s main revenue streams comes from affiliate commissions. Ibotta partners with a wide range of brands, including CPG companies, retailers, and restaurants.

When users make purchases of eligible items from these brand partners, Ibotta receives a commission based on a percentage of the gross sales. The commission rates vary depending on the brand and the partnership agreement.

This revenue stream allows Ibotta to generate income while providing users with valuable cashback rewards and discounts.


Advertising is another significant revenue stream for Ibotta. The app attracts a large demographic of millennial women, making it an attractive platform for brands looking to reach this audience.

Ibotta offers various advertising opportunities, including display ads and sponsored content within the app. Advertisers can choose between flat rate fees or pay per ad impression.

By leveraging its user base and their purchasing data, Ibotta can provide targeted advertising solutions that maximize the effectiveness of brand campaigns.


Ibotta’s extensive user data provides another revenue stream. Through its partnerships with brands and retailers, Ibotta collects anonymized data on consumer behavior, which can be utilized for market research and insights.

Ibotta offers data packages to interested parties, allowing them to access aggregated data and gain valuable insights into customer preferences and purchasing behaviors. This revenue stream benefits both Ibotta and its partners, as it provides useful market intelligence while protecting user privacy.

Account Maintenance Fees

Ibotta also generates revenue through account maintenance fees. If users haven’t redeemed their rewards within a specified timeframe, Ibotta deducts a small inactivity fee from their account balance.

This fee encourages users to stay active on the app and redeem their rewards regularly. While the fee may seem small individually, it can add up to a significant revenue stream for Ibotta.

Additionally, the fee serves as a motivator for users to engage with the app and maximize their savings potential. Ibotta’s Key Resources

Records of Suppliers

Ibotta’s partnerships with brands and retailers are crucial for its success. The company maintains records of its suppliers, which include crucial data such as product information, pricing, and available offers.

This information allows Ibotta to provide accurate and up-to-date cashback offers to its users. By establishing and nurturing these supplier relationships, Ibotta ensures a reliable inventory of offers for its users.


Analytics play a vital role in Ibotta’s operations. The app collects a vast amount of data on user behavior, including purchase history, preferences, and engagement patterns.

Ibotta invests in sophisticated data analysis tools and teams to derive meaningful insights from this data. By analyzing user behavior, Ibotta can optimize its services, improve the user experience, and create more effective targeted promotions for its brand partners.


Another key resource for Ibotta is investment. The company has received significant funding from venture capital firms, providing the necessary financial resources for growth and expansion.

This investment enables Ibotta to enhance its technology, acquire new customers, and invest in marketing strategies to increase its user base. The financial backing has been instrumental in propelling Ibotta to its current status as a billion-dollar company.


Salesforce is a critical resource for Ibotta, as it helps manage customer relationships and track leads. By utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) system, Ibotta can stay organized and efficiently engage with potential brand partners and retailers.

This resource enables Ibotta’s sales team to track prospects, manage communications, and ultimately close partnership deals effectively.


Ibotta relies on a team of talented designers to create a user-friendly interface and optimize the user experience.

Designers play a crucial role in the app’s aesthetics, ensuring that it is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Their expertise in creating intuitive interfaces helps users seamlessly browse offers, submit receipts, and redeem rewards.

Designers also work on optimizing the app’s compatibility across different mobile devices, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

Image Recognition Technology

Image recognition technology is a fundamental resource for Ibotta’s receipt scanning feature. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze and extract relevant data from uploaded receipts.

By automating the receipt scanning process, Ibotta saves users time and ensures accuracy in verifying purchases. This resource also allows Ibotta to scale its operations efficiently and handle a high volume of receipts uploaded by users.

Mobile Platform

Finally, Ibotta relies heavily on its mobile platform as a key resource. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access Ibotta’s services conveniently.

Ibotta’s mobile platform provides a seamless user experience, making it easy for users to browse offers, upload receipts, and claim rewards. By ensuring compatibility across various mobile devices, Ibotta can cater to a broad range of users and maximize its reach.

In conclusion, Ibotta’s revenue streams, including affiliate commissions, advertising, data, and account maintenance fees, provide a sustainable foundation for the company’s financial success. Additionally, Ibotta’s key resources, such as supplier records, analytics, investment,

Salesforce, designers, image recognition technology, and its mobile platform, enable the app to deliver a streamlined user experience and maintain its position as a leading cashback and rewards platform. With these revenue streams and key resources, Ibotta is poised for continued growth and innovation in the future.

Ibotta’s Key Activities

Cold Calling

One of Ibotta’s key activities is cold calling, which plays a vital role in lead generation and business development. Ibotta’s sales team actively reaches out to potential brand partners and retailers to showcase the value of collaborating with the app.

Cold calling allows Ibotta to establish initial contact, nurture relationships, and convert leads into productive partnerships. By demonstrating the benefits of joining the Ibotta network, the sales team works towards expanding the range of available cashback offers for users.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a crucial activity for Ibotta. As an app that collects and analyzes vast amounts of user data, Ibotta leverages sophisticated data analysis techniques to gain valuable insights.

By processing and interpreting this data, Ibotta can identify market trends, consumer preferences, and purchasing behaviors. These data insights are not only used to improve the app’s functionality and personalization but also to provide valuable market research and analytics to brand partners.

Data analysis enables Ibotta to continuously optimize its services and stay ahead of competitors.

Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for Ibotta. Supporting users and resolving issues promptly is essential for user satisfaction and retention.

Ibotta invests in a dedicated customer service team that assists users with any questions, concerns, or technical difficulties they may encounter. By providing efficient and friendly support, Ibotta ensures that users have a positive experience and encourages them to continue utilizing the app’s services.


Driving revenue through business partnerships is a critical activity for Ibotta. The sales team actively engages with potential brand partners and retailers to showcase the benefits of joining the Ibotta platform.

By demonstrating the potential for increased sales, customer engagement, and brand exposure, Ibotta’s sales team works towards securing new partnerships. These partnerships not only generate revenue for Ibotta through affiliate commissions but also extend the range of cashback offers available to users.

Research Strategies

Continuous research is a vital activity for Ibotta to stay ahead of market trends, innovate, and maintain a competitive edge. Ibotta invests in research strategies that involve monitoring market trends, conducting competitor analysis, and identifying opportunities for innovation.

By staying up-to-date on industry developments, Ibotta can adapt its services, develop new features, and provide users with valuable savings opportunities.

Content Creation

Ibotta relies on content creation to engage users and attract new customers. The company invests in creating high-quality blog posts, social media content, and marketing materials that provide users with relevant information and highlight the benefits of using the app.

These content pieces serve to educate users, promote brand loyalty, and encourage them to maximize savings potential through Ibotta.

Project Management

Efficient project management is crucial for Ibotta to coordinate tasks, manage timelines, and allocate resources effectively. Ibotta’s project management team ensures that initiatives are executed efficiently and on time.

They work closely with various teams within the company to ensure coordination, monitor progress, and adapt plans as needed. Effective project management allows Ibotta to deliver new features, enhance user experience, and fulfill business objectives.

Client Support Systems Engineering

Ibotta relies on client support systems engineering to provide technical support and maintain the app’s stability and functionality. The engineering team ensures that the app’s systems are reliable, secure, and capable of handling high volumes of user activity.

They work to identify and resolve any software issues, develop enhancements, and maintain overall system performance.

Public Relations

Maintaining a positive brand image and managing media relations are essential activities for Ibotta. Ibotta’s public relations team works to ensure that the company’s reputation remains strong through effective external communications.

They handle media inquiries, coordinate press releases, and manage any potential reputation crises. By maintaining positive relationships with media outlets and actively managing the company’s public perception, Ibotta aims to uphold its brand integrity.


Advertising is a core activity for Ibotta to acquire new customers and promote brand awareness. Ibotta runs targeted ad campaigns through various channels, including digital platforms and traditional media.

These campaigns aim to attract new users, drive app downloads, and increase user engagement. By strategically placing ads and optimizing their effectiveness, Ibotta maximizes its customer acquisition efforts.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a key activity for Ibotta to enhance data analysis and personalize the user experience. Ibotta employs AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze user behavior, make predictions, and deliver personalized offers to users.

By continuously learning from user interactions, Ibotta improves the relevance and effectiveness of its cashback offers, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.


Recruiting top talent is a critical activity for Ibotta to build a skilled team and drive growth. The company invests in talent acquisition strategies to attract individuals with expertise in data analysis, software development, marketing, and customer service.

By assembling a talented workforce, Ibotta ensures that it has the capabilities and resources to innovate, provide exceptional service to users and partners, and maintain a competitive edge.



Content marketing is an essential activity for Ibotta to engage users and promote its brand. The company invests in creating valuable blog posts, informative social media content, and compelling brand storytelling.

These content pieces serve to educate users, foster brand loyalty, and encourage them to maximize savings through Ibotta. Effective content marketing helps Ibotta solidify its position as a trusted source for cashback rewards and discounts.

Software Development

Software development is a critical activity for Ibotta to continuously improve its app and provide a seamless user experience. Ibotta’s development team works on regular updates, feature enhancements, and bug fixes to ensure that the app remains stable, secure, and user-friendly.

By investing in software development, Ibotta can introduce new features, optimize performance, and adapt to changing market needs. Ibotta’s Key Partners

Payment Platforms

Payment platforms like PayPal and Venmo are key partners for Ibotta. These platforms enable seamless and secure financial transactions for users when redeeming their cashback rewards.

By integrating with these platforms, Ibotta provides users with convenient options to receive their earnings while ensuring a smooth redeeming experience. Top Brands and

Retailers of FMCG

Ibotta’s partnership with top brands and retailers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is crucial for its success. These partners include a wide range of CPG companies, as well as popular retailers.

By collaborating with these brands and retailers, Ibotta offers users a diverse range of cashback offers and discounts on everyday products. These partnerships drive user engagement, increase sales, and provide valuable opportunities for brand exposure.

Data Connectivity Platforms

Data connectivity platforms partner with Ibotta to provide valuable data analytics and market research capabilities. These platforms enable Ibotta to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, trends, and preferences.

By accessing and utilizing aggregated data from these partners, Ibotta can offer more valuable insights to its brand partners and retailers, enhancing their marketing strategies and decision-making processes.


Investors play a critical role as key partners for Ibotta. They provide funding, financial support, and valuable expertise to help drive Ibotta’s growth and success.

The trust and backing of investors enable Ibotta to invest in technology, marketing, and talent acquisition, further solidifying its position in the market. The support from investors positions Ibotta for continued expansion and innovation.

In conclusion, Ibotta’s key activities encompass various aspects of lead generation, data analysis, customer service, sales, research, content creation, project management, technical support, public relations, advertising, machine learning, recruiting, content marketing, and software development. These activities enable Ibotta to provide a seamless user experience, build partnerships, and support its revenue streams.

Moreover, Ibotta’s key partners, including payment platforms, top brands and retailers, data connectivity platforms, and investors, contribute to the company’s success by providing essential services, collaboration, and financial support. Together, these activities and partners drive Ibotta’s ability to deliver value to users, retailers, and data partners, positioning the company as a leader in the cashback and rewards industry.

Ibotta’s Cost Structure


Ibotta invests in promotion to drive brand awareness and acquire new users.

Marketing campaigns and advertising costs form a significant portion of Ibotta’s cost structure.

The company runs various advertising campaigns through different channels, including digital platforms, television, and print media. These promotional activities aim to showcase the benefits of Ibotta’s cashback and discount offerings, attract new users, and increase brand visibility.

While promotion is essential for growth, it also represents a significant cost for Ibotta.

Software Design

Software design is another key area of investment for Ibotta. The company prioritizes the development and maintenance of its app, striving to provide a seamless user experience.

Investing in app development ensures that the user interface and user experience remain intuitive and user-friendly. This investment covers app updates, feature enhancements, and technical infrastructure to deliver an optimized and reliable platform for Ibotta’s users.


Operating costs encompass various business processes, logistics, and supply chain management for Ibotta. Maintaining a robust operational infrastructure requires investment in human resources, technology, and systems.

The company’s operations team manages partnerships with brand retailers, ensures the availability of cashback offers, and handles the logistics of processing receipts and distributing rewards. These operational activities contribute to Ibotta’s cost structure, but they are essential for delivering a seamless and efficient service to users and partners.

Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is a priority for Ibotta. Investing in customer service entails hiring and training support staff, building effective customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and maintaining communication channels for users.

Customer service representatives handle user inquiries, complaints, and technical difficulties to ensure a positive user experience. While this investment incurs costs, it is crucial for user satisfaction and retention, as well as fostering strong relationships with brand partners and retailers.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a significant cost for Ibotta as the company invests in lead generation strategies and advertising efforts to attract new users.

Advertising costs, such as running targeted ad campaigns and acquiring new users through digital channels, contribute to Ibotta’s cost structure. The company continually invests in marketing initiatives to reach potential users, communicate the value of the app, and drive customer onboarding.

These costs are necessary for expansion and increasing Ibotta’s user base.


Investing in marketing activities is essential for Ibotta to maintain and grow its user base. The company runs various marketing campaigns and initiatives, including advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and brand visibility efforts.

Through marketing, Ibotta aims to differentiate itself from competitors and solidify its position as a leading cashback and rewards platform. These marketing costs are intended to drive app downloads, increase brand recognition, and attract new users.


Ibotta invests in communications to manage internal and external relationships effectively. Public relations activities, including media relations, reputation management, and crafting external communications, require resources and funding.

It is crucial for Ibotta to maintain a positive brand image and foster strong relationships with media outlets. Additionally, internal communication tools and processes ensure efficient coordination and collaboration among different teams within the company.

Effective communication is a vital investment to support Ibotta’s operations and maintain a favorable brand perception.

Platform Development

Investment in platform development is an ongoing cost for Ibotta. As a mobile app, Ibotta prioritizes technical enhancements, feature updates, and maintaining a robust technical infrastructure.

This investment enables the company to provide a seamless user experience, incorporate new technologies, and adapt to evolving market demands. By investing in platform development, Ibotta can consistently improve the app’s performance and offer innovative features t

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