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Managing Your Finances Made Easy with Personal Capital: A Comprehensive Platform

Having a clear understanding of your financial situation is essential to making smart investment decisions. As an increasing number of Americans turn to digital platforms to manage their finances, Personal Capital stands out as a comprehensive solution for financial management.

Personal Capital is a platform that offers a range of tools and features to help users manage their money and plan for their futures. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of using Personal Capital to manage your finances.

Eligibility for Receiving Advice from Certified Financial Advisors

One of the key benefits of using Personal Capital is their accessibility to certified financial advisors. Their services are available to anyone with a minimum of $100,000 in assets under management.

Personal Capital Advisors are Certified Financial Planners who provide personalized financial planning and investment advice. They can create custom portfolios for clients based on their unique goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.

They can also provide recommendations for optimizing retirement plans, tax strategies, and estate planning.

Features of Personal Capital

Financial Account Connection and Overview of Net Worth and Financial Obligations

Personal Capital connects to your financial accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans to provide an overview of your net worth, income, and expenses. This feature helps users get a clear understanding of their overall financial situation in real-time.

Personal Capital provides a net worth tracker that shows a real-time update of your net worth. They also provide insights into your spending habits allowing you to monitor your expenses, set a personal budget, and track your cash flow.

Retirement Planning with Financial Advisors

Retirement planning is one of the primary reasons why people use financial management tools like Personal Capital. With Personal Capital, users can receive personalized recommendations from their financial advisor on how to optimize their retirement plan.

Personal Capital’s financial advisors tailor investment strategies to help users achieve their retirement goals. They provide personalized insights into how much money users need to save and how much they should be investing.

They also offer recommendations on the best investment vehicles to use to maximize returns.

Self-Management of Funds with Finance Tools

Personal Capital provides a range of finance tools that users can use to self-manage their funds. They include a savings planner, personal budgeting, cash flow management, fee analyzer, and investment checkups.

The savings planner helps users set savings goals and tracks their progress. Personal budgeting helps users allocate income and expenses according to their priorities.

Cash flow management advises users on how to increase their income and reduce unessential expenses. Fee analyzer tracks fees and expenses across all of a user’s investment accounts to determine whether they are getting the best value for their money.

The investment checkup provides users with a comprehensive analysis of their portfolio, including strengths, weaknesses, and recommended changes. Premium Features for Users with Over $100,000 in Assets

Premium features are available to users with over $100,000 in assets under management.

These features include efficient tax management, private equity access, smart weighting, municipal bonds, and portfolio construction. Efficient tax management provides users with customized strategies for maximizing their tax efficiency.

Personal Capital’s investment algorithms optimize tax-loss harvesting and other investment techniques. Private equity access gives users access to exclusive investment opportunities.

With smart weighting, users can efficiently allocate funds across multiple accounts to produce a tailored investment plan. Municipal bonds help users diversify their portfolio by investing in government-issued bonds that finance local projects.

Finally, portfolio construction gives users assurance that their portfolio is well-constructed and positioned for economic shifts.

Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio

Personal Capital provides socially responsible investment portfolios tailored to address environmental sustainability, diversity, and social issues. The platform selects companies with responsible business practices that align with users’ values.

Socially responsible investing has emerged as a popular way to invest in companies that promote a social or environmental impact in addition to making a profit.

Educational Finance Content Library

Personal Capital also provides educational finance content to help users make informed decisions. The library offers over 300 articles, guides, and videos covering topics such as retirement planning, tax strategies, investing, and budgeting.


While there are many financial management platforms available today, Personal Capital offers an all-in-one solution with features that cater to various needs. With the accessibility of certified financial advisors, robust finance tools for self-management, and investment checkups, Personal Capital has become a popular choice for individuals seeking to have a better understanding of their finances.

Additionally, private equity access, a premium feature, provides users with exclusive investment opportunities to optimize their investment portfolios. Socially responsible investment portfolios make it possible to invest in companies that align with users’ values.

Finally, the

Educational Finance Content Library provides the necessary educational materials to make informed investment decisions. With all these features, using Personal Capital may help users improve their financial health.

History of Personal Capital

Personal Capital was founded in 2009 by Bill Harris, Rob Foregger, Louie Gasparini, and Paul Bergholm, with initial funding coming from Venrock. The founding team created the platform with an emphasis on providing a comprehensive solution for financial management to affluent households.

Target Audience of Affluent Households and Quality of Products

Personal Capital’s target audience is individuals with a minimum of $100,000 in investable assets, with a focus on high net worth clients. The platform is designed to provide quality financial management products and services that cater to the unique needs of affluent households.

Personal Capital’s growth channels have included strategic partnerships with companies such as US Bank, SigFig, and Betterment. These partnerships have helped the platform reach new users and increase its client base.

Founder and CEO Bill Harris Stepping Down and Replacement by Jay Shah

In May 2020, Bill Harris, the founder and CEO of Personal Capital, announced his plans to step down. Harris had been leading the firm for over a decade, and his departure signaled a significant change in leadership.

In June 2020, Jay Shah, a veteran in the financial services industry, stepped in as Harris’ replacement. Shah had previously worked as a senior executive at Nuveen and has experience navigating complex financial environments.

Personal Capital’s Growth to 2.5 Million Users and Acquisition by Empower Retirement

Personal Capital’s innovative approach to financial management and commitment to quality products and services has helped it grow to over 2.5 million users. In 2020, Empower Retirement announced its acquisition of Personal Capital, marking a significant milestone for the platform.

Empower Retirement, one of the largest retirement services providers in the US, acquired Personal Capital for $825 million. The acquisition will enable Empower Retirement to expand its suite of offerings and scale its business.

Revenue Model of Personal Capital

Fee Structure for Financial Advisory Services

Personal Capital’s revenue model is based on a fee structure for financial advisory services. The platform charges an asset-based fee, which varies depending on the total amount of assets under management.

The fee is a percentage of assets under management and ranges from 0.49% to 0.89%.

Justification for Higher Fees Compared to Other (Semi-) Robotic Advisors

Personal Capital’s fees are typically higher than other (semi-) robotic advisors. The justification for this is the quality of services provided.

Personal Capital’s certified financial advisors provide personalized investment advice and create custom portfolios tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. This high level of customization and personalized attention justifies Personal Capital’s higher fees.

Freemium Model and Target Audience of Wealthier Clients

Personal Capital also offers a freemium model where users can access some of the platform’s core features for free. The freemium model is designed to attract wealthier clients who may not need the full range of services provided by a financial advisor.

The model is a popular choice among users who want to manage their own funds but still want access to financial planning tools and insights.

Number of Private Clients and Assets Under Management

As of 2021, Personal Capital has over 22,000 private clients, each with a minimum of $100,000 in investable assets. The platform currently manages over $17 billion in assets under management, with an average account size of $727,000.


Personal Capital has grown from a startup to one of the most comprehensive and respected financial management platforms available today. With its focus on quality products and services, targeted marketing, and a commitment to personalized attention, Personal Capital continues to grow and expand its offerings.

The platform’s freemium model has attracted a wide range of clients, from wealthier individuals to those who seek dedicated financial advice. The acquisition by Empower Retirement marks a significant milestone for the platform, signaling its continued growth and success in the financial management space.

Funding, Valuation, and Revenue of Personal Capital

Personal Capital has become one of the fastest-growing financial management platforms in recent years. The company has attracted significant funding, reached impressive valuations, and generated considerable revenue.

Total Amount of Venture Capital Funding and Prominent Investors

Personal Capital has raised over $265 million in venture capital funding since its founding in 2009. The company’s most recent funding round was a $40 million series E round led by Crosslink Capital.

Prominent investors in Personal Capital include Venrock, Blackrock, IGM Financial, BBVA Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and Corsair Capital. These investors recognized the potential in Personal Capital’s comprehensive approach to financial management and invested significant amounts of capital in the platform’s growth.

Valuation of $1 Billion During Acquisition by Empower Retirement

In 2020, Personal Capital was acquired by Empower Retirement for $825 million, marking an impressive valuation for the platform. At the time of the acquisition, Personal Capital was valued at $1 billion.

This valuation was achieved through the company’s exceptional growth, innovative technology, and strong financial performance. The acquisition of Personal Capital helped Empower Retirement expand its suite of offerings, with the addition of Personal Capital’s digital platform and the company’s certified financial advisors.

Revenue of $1 Billion in Fiscal Year 2019

Personal Capital’s revenue has grown consistently in recent years, reaching $1 billion in fiscal year 2019. The company’s revenue primarily comes from its advisory services, with fees generated from assets under management.

Personal Capital’s revenue growth is fueled by the company’s innovative technology, personalized financial planning services, and efficient fee structure. As more users turn to Personal Capital to manage their finances, the company stands poised to continue its impressive growth in the financial management space.


Personal Capital’s significant venture capital funding, impressive valuations, and steady revenue growth are a testament to the company’s innovative technology, targeted marketing, and commitment to quality financial management products and services. With the acquisition by Empower Retirement, the company is poised to continue its growth trajectory, expanding its suite of offerings and reaching even more users seeking a comprehensive digital platform to manage their finances.

The financial landscape is changing rapidly as digitalization of financial services becomes more prevalent, and Personal Capital stands at the forefront of that change with a platform that offers innovative solutions for financial management. In conclusion, Personal Capital is a leading financial management platform that offers a range of tools and services to help individuals manage their finances effectively.

With accessibility to certified financial advisors, users can receive personalized advice tailored to their unique needs. The platform’s comprehensive features, including account connection, retirement planning, and finance tools, provide valuable insights into net worth, spending habits, and investment strategies.

Personal Capital’s growth, acquisition by Empower Retirement, and impressive revenue demonstrate its success in the financial management space. The platform’s funding, valuation, and revenue highlights its ability to attract prominent investors, achieve significant valuations, and generate substantial revenue.

Personal Capital’s emphasis on quality products, personalized attention, and innovative technology positions it as a leading player in the digital financial management landscape. It is clear that Personal Capital’s holistic approach to financial management has resonated with users, allowing them to better understand their finances, make informed decisions, and achieve their financial goals.

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