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Morning Brew: The Media Powerhouse Disrupting Business News

Morning Brew: The Rise of a Media Powerhouse

As the age of digital media boomed in the early 2010s, the dawn of new media organizations began. Morning Brew is one of them, standing out for its business-focused daily newsletter and expanding into ancillary brands.

But how did Morning Brew come to be and what is their journey towards becoming a media powerhouse? What is Morning Brew?

Morning Brew is a media organization that provides a daily newsletter with a focus on finance, technology and business news. It was launched in 2015 by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief, two college students who came up with the idea out of boredom.

They both come from finance degrees and thought there was an opportunity for a daily newsletter that could improve how business news was delivered. Today, Morning Brew has over 3 million subscribers and is one of the fastest-growing media organizations in the industry.

Morning Brew’s Expansion into Different Topics, Formats, and Brands

Morning Brew’s popularity comes from its readable and informative daily newsletter. Readers can expect a brief overview of top business stories and an analysis of how these events might affect global business.

The success of the daily newsletter has paved the way for their expansion into ancillary brands. They formed a healthcare publication called “Emerging Tech Brew,” focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology, providing insight on how the latest developments could impact healthcare trends.

Another example of expansion occurred when they launched “Retail Brew,” a newsletter that focuses on the retail industry. The company also delves into different formats as they explore podcasts, videos and live events as a way to engage their readers.

They organized a live event called “Business Casual,” a show that explores how business intersects with pop culture. This event draws attention from regular industry insiders and the general public as well.

With Morning Brew’s success, they have been able to explore new avenues and are well on their way to becoming a media powerhouse.

Founding Story of Morning Brew

Liebeman and Rief came up with the idea of Morning Brew in college, where they both shared a passion for business and finance. Between classes, they accessed various business articles and found it challenging to keep up with the latest trends.

This led them to a realization that they wanted to create a newsletter that could improve the way business news was delivered.

Fast forward to August 2015, their idea came to fruition.

The duo launched Morning Brew from their dorm room at the University of Michigan. They began with an advertising campaign targeted at students and employees in their university network.

Within a few weeks, they had over 1,500 readers. This was the beginning of a unique referral program that allowed readers to refer their friends, leading to Morning Brew’s exponential growth.

Monetization of Morning Brew

Morning Brew’s initial funding came from a seed round raised from investors in various industries, including advertising, finance, and sports. This funding allowed the company to operate independently without intervention from outside interests.

The media organization’s primary source of revenue comes from advertising. Companies pay to advertise on their daily newsletter and other brands under their umbrella.

They currently charge $100,000 for a single issue of the daily newsletter. Despite skepticism about whether readers would be willing to pay for content, Morning Brew decided to maintain free access to their daily newsletter.

This model has worked, and it attracts both large and small brands. Morning Brew continues to grow and evolve as a media organization.

Their goal is to be an all-encompassing source of business news and the place where readers can count on staying updated on industry trends. Their growing popularity and expanding ancillary brands prove they are on their way towards becoming a media powerhouse.

In conclusion, the founding story of Morning Brew and its rise into a media powerhouse serves as an inspiration to millennials who are looking to make something out of their passion. Morning Brew’s success exemplifies that it is possible to break into an industry and stand out, even in a market saturated with similar initiatives.

As the company continues to grow, one can only imagine what the future holds for Morning Brew, a company that started from a simple newsletter. How Morning Brew Makes Money: A Comprehensive Overview

When it comes to new media organizations, finding a business model that works can be a challenge.

However, Morning Brew has managed to find several revenue streams to achieve financial success and growth. From traditional advertising to courses and events, here is a comprehensive overview of how Morning Brew makes money.

Advertising as a Main Source of Revenue

Morning Brew’s primary source of revenue is advertising. They provide sponsorship opportunities within the core Morning Brew newsletter, which goes out each weekday morning, as well as other ancillary brands that they have developed over the years.

The Morning Brew team understands the importance of authenticity and appropriate ad placement. Their marketing team makes sure that the content matches the brand’s needs so that it resonates closely with readers.

The media organization also caters to influencers in the business world. In March 2020, they launched “Emerging Tech Brew Influencer Spotlight Series,” where they highlight leaders in the tech and healthcare industries, which collected sponsorships.

They charge $500 for sponsorship in this series. It is one of the ways Morning Brew has grown its advertising revenue.

Revenue from Shop and Course Sales

Morning Brew has monetized both digital and physical items. They set up a shop as a marketing channel for Morning Brew merchandise and products from the ancillary brands.

Products range from mugs, shirts and sweatshirts, to technology-related items. All these items are intended to serve as promotional materials for their brand.

Morning Brew also provides courses that cover business-, marketing-, and startup-related information. These courses are part of their marketing strategy and are designed to appeal to their target audience.

The courses are presented in several formats, including sprints, accelerators, and most recently, alumni benefits. Known as The Brew School, these courses cost hundreds of dollars.

Revenue from Organizing Events

Morning Brew recently started hosting events as another way to generate revenue. The company organizes both online and in-person events.

They are topically focused, with attendees being top executives from niche businesses or customers of the Morning Brew newsletter. The company secures sponsorships to support these events and brings in speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Morning Brew’s experience hosting events goes beyond their content expertise and platform. They bring a distinct edge and understand how to create a unique atmosphere through the speakers they feature and the topics they cover.

Ownership of Morning Brew

Insider Inc., a digital media conglomerate, acquired Morning Brew for $75 million in October 2020. Early investors in the company included savvy industry insiders, like Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance, and Jason Calacanis, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Insider Inc. has a controlling stake in the company, but the founders, Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief, are still significant minority owners.

The acquisition of Morning Brew was considered a homerun for Insider. The publication had grown tremendously in the five years since its inception, and its subscriber base had exploded to over 3 million.

Investors cited how valuable the publication was within the business media landscape and how much Insider could benefit with the Morning Brew acquisition. By purchasing Morning Brew, Insider was able to expand into another segment of media, with the potential to realize significant revenue growth.

Meanwhile, the founders have continued to participate in the company’s upside, given their involvement has continued.


In conclusion, Morning Brew’s ability to mix traditional revenue streams like advertising with non-traditional ones such as merchandise and courses has allowed them to find success in the media industry. Its ability to build community through unique events, exclusive content, and ancillary brands has only added credibility to the Morning Brew brand.

With the acquisition by Insider Inc., and with the founders still involved in the business, it is clear that Morning Brew’s future is bright, and they are poised to continue revolutionizing the media industry. Morning Brew has revolutionized the media industry by finding various revenue streams to achieve financial growth and success.

The company’s primary source of revenue comes from advertising, with sponsorship opportunities integrated into the daily newsletter and ancillary brands. They also make money with digital and physical product sales via their shop, courses, and events.

With a $75 million acquisition by Insider Inc. in 2020, Morning Brew remains a media powerhouse.

Founders Lieberman and Rief are still significantly involved and hold equity in the company. Morning Brew’s unique approach in their business model, community building, and niche focus on business news leaves significant takeaways for entrepreneurs to grow with in mind.

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