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Revolutionizing Car Buying in the UK: An Inside Look at Cinch and Constellation Automotive Group

Introduction to Cinch and Constellation Automotive Group

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the traditional way of car buying. However, there is a new player in the UK market that’s revolutionized the way we buy cars: Cinch.

Cinch is an online car retailer that offers a selection of quality-checked vehicles that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. In this article, we will explore how Cinch works and Constellation Automotive Groups ownership of it.

Overview of Cinch’s Expansion and Constellation Automotive Group’s Ownership

Cinch was launched in early 2019 with the vision of solving one of the most common stressors of buying a used car – the search for a dependable vehicle at a reasonable price. Cinch’s mission is to make buying a car easy, transparent, and stress-free.

Since their launch, Cinch has expanded rapidly, boasting an expansive network of dealerships and thousands of cars available for purchase. What’s more, Cinch is backed by Constellation Automotive Group, one of the largest car retailers in the UK, with over 120 dealerships across the country.

Constellation Automotive Group has been active in the car retail sector for over two decades, starting under a different name in 1998. They have grown to become one of the most significant players in the industry.

Their focus is on providing quality vehicles at affordable prices, as evidenced by their track record and reputation in the market. Cinch’s relationship with Constellation Automotive Group allows Cinch to leverage their expertise, resources, and established dealer network, allowing them to offer a broader range of cars to customers.

How Cinch Works

Cinch is an online car retailer that sells and finances cars online, making it easier to buy a car without the added stress of dealership visits. Cinch’s platform is simple and straightforward, making it easy to navigate for potential buyers.

1. Search and Select Your Vehicle: The Cinch website allows you to browse over 4,000 cars available for purchase by selecting your preferred make, model, price range, age, and mileage.

The website offers detailed reviews and photographs of the car’s exterior, interior, and features. 2.

Personalization: Cinch offers several options for customization and personalization, such as warranty, maintenance, and delivery options. Buyers can add options to their purchase based on their preferences or budget.

3. Finance: Cinch offers finance options that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

They offer a range of payment plans, including Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, and Personal Contract Hire. 4.

Delivery: Cinch delivers vehicles straight to your doorstep, making the buying process more convenient and streamlined. Customers can opt to have their car delivered to their home, office, or even to a safe pickup location.

Cinch’s platform offers a stress-free car-buying experience, allowing buyers to bypass the challenges of traditional dealership visits, haggling over prices, and unfamiliar financing terms.


Cinch’s platform offers a refreshing approach to the traditional way of car buying, providing customers with a wide range of vehicles that are easy to browse and purchase. Constellation Automotive Group’s backing has allowed Cinch to leverage its network and expertise, making the platform more robust and broadening its reach.

With Cinch, shopping for a car has never been this easy or transparent, allowing buyers to enjoy a stress-free experience from start to finish. Cinch’s Early Days as an Online Classifieds Site

Cinch’s journey to becoming one of the leading online car retailers in the UK was not an easy one.

Cinch began as part of online car auction house BCA Marketplace. As a classifieds site, Cinch was launched in early 2018, aimed at providing customers with a comprehensive list of cars available from commercial dealerships and private sellers.

The platform initially operated similarly to Gumtree or Autotrader, displaying classified ads for used cars across the country. Despite the initial success as a classifieds site, the market quickly became crowded with similar platforms.

This made it increasingly difficult for Cinch to stand out and make a significant impact in the market. To combat this, Cinch underwent a transformation, pivoting its business model to become an online car retailer.

This shift in focus allowed Cinch to differentiate itself from its competitors and carve out a unique space in the market. Cinch’s Pivot to its Current Business Model

The shift from a classifieds platform to an online car retailer was not an easy decision for Cinch, as it entailed an extensive overhaul of the platform and business operations.

To succeed in this new model, Cinch had to ensure that everything, from the quality of cars being sold to the financing and delivery options, reflected its value proposition. Cinch’s move to an online car retailer was a calculated one, driven by the success of similar players in the market such as Carvana and Cazoo.

Carvana, a US-based car retailer that sells, finances, and delivers cars directly to buyers, has experienced remarkable growth, with revenue of $5.58 billion in 2020. Cazoo, a UK-based online car retailer that operates similarly to Carvana, raised nearly 450 million in a funding round in October 2020.

Cinch’s approach mirrors the business model of these successful companies, using the internet and technology to create a seamless car buying experience for its customers. The move was essential in differentiating Cinch from the crowded classifieds market, as there are several websites and apps that connect buyers and sellers of used cars, such as Gumtree, AutoTrader, and CarGurus.

Cinch’s goal is to offer a more robust, transparent, and trustworthy platform that provides buyers with quality cars at a fair price. The new model allows customers to purchase a car online, choose delivery options, and even have the car delivered to their doorstep.

Cinch’s integration of the financing options further simplifies the process, allowing buyers to finance the car directly through the platform. One of the standout features of Cinch’s new model is the comprehensive checks it performs on the vehicles it sells.

All cars listed on the platform undergo a rigorous 150-point health check to make sure the car is in good mechanical condition. Cinch also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee and offers a three-month warranty for all cars bought on the platform.

Cinch’s new model has been received positively by the market, with strong growth since moving to the online car retailing space. The company has been able to leverage Constellation Automotive Group’s resources and expertise, resulting in the rapid expansion of its offerings and reach since its pivot from a classifieds site to an online car retailer.


Cinch’s pivot from an online classifieds site to an online car retailer has proven to be a successful move, allowing the company to differentiate itself from numerous competitors in the classifieds market. The company’s new model provides a more comprehensive, secure and convenient car-buying experience, providing a robust platform that sets Cinch apart from other players.

Cinch’s integration of further financing options and comprehensive checks on vehicles highlight the company’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. Cinch’s partnership with Constellation Automotive Group continues to strengthen its position as a leading online car retailer in the UK market.

Cinch’s Growth and Funding

Since its launch, Cinch has experienced remarkable growth, driven by its commitment to providing a comprehensive and hassle-free car buying experience. The company’s appeal to customers and investors alike has resulted in significant funding and an impressive acquisition.

In mid-2020, Cinch secured a 23 million funding round led by US-based Digital Horizon Capital. The round included investments from six existing investors, including Constellation Automotive Group.

The funding round helped Cinch launch various initiatives aimed at improving the car buying experience, including the expansion of its dealer network, enhancement of its platform, and marketing efforts. In addition to securing investment, Cinch made a significant acquisition in March 2021, taking ownership of the Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby.

The acquisition of the racetrack allowed Cinch to expand its portfolio of automotive-related offerings and tap into the growing popularity of automotive events and experiences. The company plans to use the racetrack to host various car-related events and activities.

Cinch’s growth has also been fueled by successful sponsorship deals with high-profile sports teams. In July 2020, Cinch signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the English football club, Tottenham Hotspur.

The partnership saw Cinch become the team’s official shirt sleeve sponsor, putting the brand in front of millions of fans worldwide. Cinch also signed a sponsorship deal with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) in July 2021.

The deal made Cinch the League’s title sponsor, with the competition now being known as the Cinch Premiership. This move was part of Cinch’s push into Scotland after its English success.

Cinch’s Sponsorship Controversies

Despite the success of Cinch’s sponsorship deals, they have not been without controversy. The most significant example of this was regarding Rangers FC’s refusal to promote Cinch during their opening match of the 2021/2022 Scottish Premiership season.

Rangers FC publicly stated that they would not display the Cinch logo on their jersey or stadium due to concerns about the sponsorship deal and the potential impact on the club’s fanbase. Rangers FC’s president, Craig Whyte, accused Cinch of “benefiting from the troubles of Scottish football,” referring to the financial plight of several Scottish clubs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rangers FC ultimately bowed to the pressure of their fanbase and removed the Cinch logo from their pitch-side perimeter boards. This move prompted an outcry from sponsors and other football clubs, with many criticizing Rangers FC for their actions.

It also brought attention to the widespread perception of hostility towards sponsors in Scottish football.


Cinch’s remarkable growth and success reflect the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and transparent car buying experience. Successfully securing funding and making significant acquisitions has allowed Cinch to expand its offerings and capture a more significant share of the market.

The company’s ambitious sponsorship deals have generated significant publicity and exposure, though not without some controversy. Ultimately, the company’s success has ensured its continued growth and expansion into the global market, a testament to the strength of its business model and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Constellation Automotive Group’s Ownership of Cinch

Constellation Automotive Group has played a crucial role in the success of Cinch, providing the resources and expertise needed to develop a robust, online car retail platform. Constellation Automotive Group was founded in 1998 as BCA Marketplace, with a focus on providing used vehicles, remarketing, and logistics services to the automotive industry.

Over the years, the company has grown and expanded, acquiring several companies and building a network of over 120 dealerships across the UK. In the early days of Cinch, Constellation Automotive Group recognized the potential of the platform, investing capital and resources to help develop the online classifieds site into an online car retailer.

Cinch’s acquisition became an essential move for Constellation Automotive Group, allowing them to expand their online presence and tap into a growing market of customers looking for a seamless, transparent car buying experience. Constellation Automotive Group’s ownership of Cinch has allowed the company to leverage its well-established dealer network, ensuring that customers have access to quality cars at fair prices.

Cinch lists vehicles from approved dealerships, all of which are subject to a 150-point mechanical check to ensure their condition and suitability for sale. Constellation Automotive Group’s ownership of Cinch also allows the platform to offer financing options that leverage the group’s finance division, MotoNovo Finance.

This integration allows Cinch to provide competitive financing options tailored to customers’ unique needs. Constellation Automotive Group’s investment in Cinch also allowed the platform to develop innovative car delivery options, providing customers with the convenience of having the vehicle delivered to their doorstep, office, or even to a safe pickup location.

Deliveries are handled by White Glove, an in-house logistics provider, ensuring that the vehicle is delivered safely and securely. Constellation Automotive Group’s ownership has given Cinch access to the company’s considerable resources, including its extensive dealer network, logistics capabilities, and financing options.

This support allows Cinch to focus on providing the best possible car buying experience to customers, ensuring that they receive quality vehicles, financing options, and delivery options all under one platform. Constellation Automotive Group has long been committed to ensuring that it is at the forefront of the automotive industry’s innovation and development.

This focus has enabled the company to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, as evidenced by its acquisition of Cinch and various other companies. The company has remained committed to further expanding its offerings and services, ensuring that it remains relevant and competitive within a growing online car retailing market.



Constellation Automotive Group’s ownership of Cinch has allowed the online car retailer platform to grow exponentially, leveraging the company’s extensive dealer network, logistics capabilities, and financing options. The close partnership has empowered Cinch to remain competitive and relevant in a growing online car retailing market, enhancing the platform’s standing with customers and helping the company scale.

By investing in Cinch, Constellation Automotive Group has ensured that it remains at the forefront of innovation within the automotive industry, ensuring that its reputation continues to grow in the years to come. In conclusion, Cinch’s growth and success as an online car retailer have been propelled by its partnership with Constellation Automotive Group.

This ownership has provided Cinch with the resources, expertise, and established dealer network necessary to develop a robust platform that offers a seamless car buying experience. Cinch’s pivot from a classifieds site to an online car retailer, backed by Constellation Automotive Group, has allowed them to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

The partnership has also enabled Cinch to scale rapidly, securing funding, making acquisitions, and entering into high-profile sponsorship deals. The collaboration between Cinch and Constellation Automotive Group highlights the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences and embracing technology to deliver a transparent and convenient car buying experience.

With their ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cinch and Constellation Automotive Group are poised for even greater success in the future.

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