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Revolutionizing Real Estate: How Offerpad’s iBuyer Model is Changing the Game

Welcome to the world of Offerpad, an online real estate marketplace that is revolutionizing the industry. Offerpad offers a unique iBuyer model that employs the use of technology to create a seamless, hassle-free experience for its clients.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Offerpad works, its revenue streams, and how you can partner with Offerpad to list your home or find your dream home. Offerpad: An Online Real Estate Marketplace

Gone are the days of traditional real estate agents and brick-and-mortar offices.

Offerpad is a prime example of how technology is transforming the real estate industry. The online real estate marketplace connects sellers with buyers and streamlines the buying and selling process.

Offerpad operates on an iBuyer model, which stands for Instant Buyer. An iBuyer is a real estate company that uses technology to generate instant cash offers on homes.

It eliminates the need for showings, negotiations, and other traditional rigors of selling a home. The iBuyer model is convenient for homeowners who would like to sell their homes quickly.

It’s also beneficial if you’re looking to avoid the complexities that come with the traditional selling process. An iBuyer like Offerpad gives homeowners the flexibility to sell their homes on their own terms.

iBuyer Model and Use of Technology

Offerpad uses technology to create a streamlined process that benefits sellers and buyers. The Offerpad website is user-friendly and allows homeowners to receive instant cash offers for their homes.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Enter Your Home Details.

The process begins with a quick questionnaire about your home’s details, such as the number of rooms, location, and condition. 2.

Receive an Offer. Based on the information you provide, Offerpad uses machine learning to generate an instant cash offer on your home.

3. Accept or Reject the Offer.

If you choose to accept the offer, Offerpad will schedule an inspection to confirm the condition of the home. After the inspection, an official offer will be made, and if you agree, the deal will be closed in as little as ten days.

Offerpad’s use of cutting-edge technology makes the selling process fast and straightforward. Offerpad’s Revenue Streams

Offerpad’s primary revenue stream comes from the service fees charged to sellers.

Once a seller accepts an Offerpad offer, the company charges a service fee, which is often a percentage of the total sale price. In addition to service fees, Offerpad also earns revenue from sales profits.

When Offerpad purchases a home, they often make minor repairs and renovations to improve the propertys appeal. Once the upgrades are made, Offerpad then lists the home for sale.

The profit made from the sale is another revenue stream for the company.

Selling a Home via Offerpad

Offerpad strives to make the home-selling process as easy and straightforward as possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with Offerpad to sell your home:


Enter your home’s details. Enter your home’s information, such as the number of rooms and bathrooms, location, and condition.

2. Receive an instant cash offer.

Based on the information you provide, Offerpad’s machine learning models will generate a cash offer for your home, which you can accept or reject. 3.

Schedule an inspection. If you accept the offer, Offerpad will schedule a home inspection to verify the condition of the property.

4. Receive an official offer.

Following the inspection, an official offer will be made, which you can either accept or reject.


Close the deal. If you accept the official offer, Offerpad will purchase your home, and the deal will be closed in as little as ten days.

Machine Learning and Human Judgement in Valuation Process

Offerpad’s machine learning algorithms use a plethora of data to calculate the correct value of a home. To ensure accuracy, the company also employs human judgement in the valuation process.

The human component ensures that sentimental factors, such as upgrades and renovations, are considered when valuing a home.

Partnering with Offerpad to List Homes

Offerpad is more than a home-buyer service. The company also offers home-listing services through Instant Access, a feature that connects homebuyers with Offerpad’s inventory of homes for sale.

Here’s how Instant Access works:

1. Sign in.

Register for an Offerpad account or sign in if you already have one. 2.

Browse homes for sale. Browse through Offerpad’s inventory of homes for sale.

3. Schedule a tour.

Choose a home you’d like to visit and schedule a tour. 4.

Close the deal. Once you’ve found your dream home, Offerpad will walk you through the purchasing process, which is smooth and streamlined.

Offerpad’s Buyer Platform

Offerpad’s Instant Access feature allows potential homebuyers to browse through homes for sale at their convenience. The platform is user-friendly and makes the home-buying process easy and hassle-free.

Potential buyers can view 3D images of each home and schedule in-person viewings at their convenience.


In conclusion, Offerpad is changing the real estate industry by offering a seamless, technology-driven homebuying and selling experience. The iBuyer model eliminates the traditional complexities of the homebuying and selling process, making it an effortless undertaking.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, Offerpad’s services will make your search for your dream home or selling your current property as easy as possible. 3.

A Short History of Offerpad

Offerpad was founded in Gilbert, Arizona, in 2015 by Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman. Bair and Coleman’s experience in the real estate industry inspired them to develop a platform that simplifies the homebuying and selling process.

Their idea was to create a technology-driven platform that leverages the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics to eliminate hassles and uncertainties for homeowners. In the early stages of its development, Offerpad focused primarily on serving the Phoenix and Las Vegas areas.

However, the company quickly gained traction and expanded its operations nationally. Today, Offerpad operates in more than 800 cities across 14 states, including Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Riverside, Tampa, and Tucson.

In 2020, Offerpad entered into a partnership agreement with Zillow. As part of the agreement, Offerpad receives exclusive access to Zillow’s premier agent network.

In exchange, Zillow has access to Offerpad’s instant cash offers. This partnership was a significant boost for Offerpad, as it expanded the company’s reach, providing immediate exposure to Zillow’s vast network of homebuyers and sellers.

Later in 2020, Offerpad was acquired by Supernova Partners, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). This acquisition paved the way for Offerpad to list on the publicly traded NASDAQ stock exchange in 2021.

The SPAC acquisition and listing on the stock exchange have allowed Offerpad to raise more capital and solidify its position in the real estate industry. 4.

How Does Offerpad Make Money? Offerpad’s primary source of revenue comes from the service fees they charge homeowners who sell their homes through the platform.

The service fee typically ranges between 6% and 10% of the total sale price and takes care of expenses like closing costs, home renovations, and repairs. The fees are subject to a minimum fee limit to ensure that the company can recoup its expenses and achieve profitability.

Apart from service fees, Offerpad also makes money through its algorithmic technology. Once Offerpad buys a property, they often make minor repairs and renovations to improve the home’s appeal.

The company uses data analytics to improve its renovations and repairs, which can include repainting walls, fixing minor plumbing issues, and improving the home’s curb appeal. Offerpad’s target market is primarily made up of homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly, often due to financial challenges or personal circumstances.

They target homeowners looking to sell their primary residences and those with vacation homes, rental properties, and vacant properties. Offerpad typically targets single-family homes, which make up the majority of residential dwellings in the US.


Offerpad is one of the leading iBuyer platforms that offer a seamless, technology-driven solution to homebuying and selling. The company has grown significantly since its founding in 2015, expanding its reach to more than 800 cities across the US.

Offerpad’s services are primarily funded through service fees charged to sellers, which generate revenue and cover the company’s expenses. With a target market of homeowners looking for quick home sales, Offerpad is set to continue its momentum and growth in the coming years.

5. Offerpad Funding, Valuation & Revenue

Since its founding in 2015, Offerpad has had eight funding rounds raising over $1.9 billion.

Some of the notable investors in Offerpad include LL Funds, TI Platform Management, Citi, and a group of investors led by T Rowe Price. The company’s most recent funding round in June 2021 raised $650 million, which was a significant boost for the company.

This funding will help Offerpad expand its operations further and enhance its services. Offerpad achieved valuation in 2021 following an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which makes the company a publicly traded business.

The IPO took place in August 2021, where Offerpad merged with the Supernova Partners Acquisition Company, a special-purpose acquisition company. The combined entity, which trades under the ticker symbol OPAD, has a valuation of approximately $1.2 billion.

Offerpad’s revenue in 2021 has been impressive, with a projected revenue of over $600 million for the full year. The company’s revenue growth is primarily driven by the increased demand for its services and the booming real estate market.

6. Ownership of Offerpad

Offerpad is owned by a mix of institutional and individual investors.

One of the major shareholders in Offerpad is LL Funds, which is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in growth-oriented companies. The firm has been with Offerpad since its early stages and has contributed to the company’s growth and success.

Offerpad’s CEO and co-founder, Brian Bair, also has a significant personal ownership stake in the company. As one of the co-founders of Offerpad, Bair has been instrumental in shaping the company’s growth and vision.

His personal stake in the company is a reflection of his confidence in the company’s future prospects.


Offerpad’s impressive funding rounds, IPO, and revenue growth are a testament to its success in the real estate industry. The company’s IPO and merger with Supernova Partners Acquisition Company have positioned it for further growth, and its projected revenue for 2021 is a sign of the booming demand for its services.

The ownership structure of Offerpad is a mix of institutional and individual investors, including a significant stake held by LL Funds and personal ownership by CEO Brian Bair. In conclusion, Offerpad has emerged as a leading online real estate marketplace, disrupting the industry with its iBuyer model and technological advancements.

The company has experienced significant growth since its founding, expanding its operations nationally and forming strategic partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Zillow. Offerpad’s funding rounds, IPO, and impressive revenue projections underscore its success and potential for continued growth.

With major shareholders like LL Funds and personal ownership by CEO Brian Bair, Offerpad is poised to reshape the real estate market further. The story of Offerpad serves as a reminder of how technology can transform traditional industries and provide convenience and value to homeowners.

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