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The Future of Wearable Technology: Exploring the Versatility of Smart Rings

In recent years, technological advancements have led to the emergence of wearable devices designed to monitor and track an individual’s health and fitness metrics. One such device is the smart ring, a small, compact, and unobtrusive tool designed to collect biometric data such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activity levels.

With the market for smart rings growing rapidly, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon, developing their own versions of the technology. In this article, we will review Oura, one of the leading brands in the smart ring market, compare it to some of its competitors, and discuss what makes it stand out in a crowded field.

Oura’s Product and Data Collection

At its core, Oura is a wellness wearable, a smart ring designed to provide users with insights into their sleep, activity, and overall health. The ring features an optical heart-rate monitor that continuously measures heart rate variability, body temperature, steps taken, and sleep duration.

Using this data, the device tracks and analyzes sleep patterns and provides recommendations to improve sleep quality. It also tracks physical activity levels and provides users with feedback on their exercise regimen.

Oura’s Background and Funding Information

Based in Oulu, Finland, Oura was founded in 2013 by Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela, and Petteri Lahtela. Today, the company has approximately 450 employees and has raised $148.3 million in funding.

The brand has been endorsed by several well-known figures, including Prince Harry and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. With 318,000 Instagram followers, Oura has gained a significant following in the wearable device market.

Methodology for Ranking Competitors

In analyzing Oura’s competitors, we used a methodology based on four primary criteria: funding, employment, Instagram followers, and direct-to-consumer brands. We also looked at other health-oriented smart rings that offer similar features to Oura.

In doing so, we have identified three notable competitors to Oura:


BioRing, and

Bellabeat Spring.


Based in San Francisco,

Motiv is a smart ring that tracks sleep, heart rate, and physical activity levels. With $22.5M in funding, the company has raised significantly less than Oura.

However, with just over 1,000 Instagram followers,

Motiv has a notable following in the wearable device market.


BioRing is a wearable device that seeks to provide users with a comprehensive view of their health using several sensors, including heart rate, temperature, and hydration levels. The company has just over 100 followers on Instagram and has not disclosed its funding information or employee count.

Bellabeat Spring

Bellabeat Spring is a health tracker that monitors sleep, steps, and menstrual cycles for female users. It has over 24,000 followers on Instagram and has not disclosed funding or employee information.


A circular smart ring that seeks to provide users with detailed insights into their wellness metrics. Among its key features are heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and blood oxygenation measurements.

Circular was developed by a team of French entrepreneurs who raised $307,000 through crowdfunding to launch the product. It has just under 2,000 followers on Instagram and has a team of ten employees.


When it comes to wearable devices designed to monitor and track wellness metrics, the smart ring market is growing rapidly. With its ability to measure heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activity levels, Oura is a leading contender in this market.

However, as our analysis has shown, there are several other notable competitors, including


BioRing, and

Bellabeat Spring. Ultimately, the choice of device will come down to individual preferences, needs, and budget.

Regardless of which device is chosen, the smart ring promises to be a valuable tool in promoting wellness and improving overall health.

3) ArcX

When it comes to athletic performance tracking, the ArcX smart ring offers a robust set of features designed to help athletes of all levels improve their performance and maintain optimal health. The device tracks various metrics such as heart rate, sleep, and physical activity levels, providing users with insights into their overall wellness.

Focus on Athletic Performance Tracking

What sets the ArcX smart ring apart from other wearable devices is its focus on athletic performance tracking. The device is particularly popular among professional athletes, with several notable athletes, including Jaco Van Gass (a Paralympic gold medalist) and Constantine Louloudis (a two-time Olympic medalist), endorsing the product.

The device tracks not only basic metrics such as heart rate and physical activity levels but also offers more advanced features such as heart rate variability, which helps athletes optimize their training regimes. The device is also designed to be unobtrusive, allowing athletes to wear it during training and competition without interfering with their performance.

Funding Details and Employees

Despite its impressive features, the ArcX smart ring has received relatively little funding, raising just over $30,000 through crowdfunding. The company currently has five employees, indicating that the device is still very much in the development stage.

However, given the device’s promising features, it is likely that the company will see increased interest from investors looking to capitalize on the growing market for wearable athletic performance trackers.

Social Media Following

At present, ArcX has a modest following on Instagram, with just over 1,200 followers. This is in part due to the device’s focus on professional athletes, who may not be as active on social media as the general public.

However, the brand has the potential to gain a larger following as it continues to develop and refine its product.

4) Prevention

The Circul+ Smart Ring, developed by BodiMetrics and featured in Prevention magazine, is a wearable device designed to track various health metrics, including blood oxygen levels, heart rate, finger temperature, blood pressure, and heart-rate variability. The device pairs with BodiMetrics’ mobile app, allowing users to track their wellness metrics over time and receive personalized feedback on their health and lifestyle choices.

Magazine Background and Product Overview

Prevention magazine, part of the Hearst Media Group, is a health and lifestyle publication designed to provide readers with insights into holistic health methods and wellness practices. The magazine covers a range of topics, including diet, exercise, mindfulness, and healthy living.

The Circul+ Smart Ring is featured as part of a broader push by Prevention to provide readers with actionable wellness tips and tools.

Parent Company and Employees

As part of the Hearst Media Group, Prevention magazine has access to significant resources and a team of over 2,500 employees. The magazine has a loyal following and has won numerous awards for its health and wellness coverage and investigative reporting.

Social Media Following

Prevention has a substantial following on social media, with close to 120,000 Instagram followers. The magazine’s Instagram page features wellness tips, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes, as well as previews of upcoming articles and stories from the magazine.


Wearable technology has changed the way that we monitor and track our health and wellness metrics. From performance tracking for professional athletes to wellness tracking for the general public, wearable devices have the potential to help people improve their overall health and well-being.

The ArcX smart ring and the Circul+ Smart Ring are two notable devices in this space, offering users a range of features designed to optimize their training and improve their overall health. As the wearable technology market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what new products emerge and how they help us improve our lives.

5) Sleepon

Sleepon is a smart ring manufacturer that produces the Go2sleep ring, a device designed to monitor sleep patterns and decrease snoring. However, information about the company is limited, including its background, funding, and employee count.

Limited Information on Company

Sleepon is a relatively unknown brand in the smart ring market, and information about the company is scarce. The Go2sleep ring features an array of sensors designed to track aspects of sleep, including duration, quality, snoring, and breathing patterns.

Additionally, the device offers an anti-snoring feature that vibrates the ring to help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. Employees and

Social Media Following

According to public records, Sleepon has around 5 employees. The brand has a small following on Instagram, with just over 300 followers.

Despite the limited information available, the Go2sleep ring has received positive reviews, indicating that the product has potential in the smart ring market.

6) Movano

Movano is a smart ring that focuses on glucose monitoring, offering non-invasive blood glucose monitoring that provides women with valuable health insights. The device is designed to help women with medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, pre-menstrual syndrome, and polycystic ovary syndrome, all of which require regular monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Smart Ring Focused on Glucose Monitoring

The Movano Smart Ring is a valuable tool for women with a range of medical conditions because it tracks glucose levels without the need for invasive and painful blood tests. The device provides detailed insights and recommendations to users, helping them to manage their health conditions effectively.

In particular, the device offers better glycemic control during pregnancy, which can reduce the risk of maternal and fetal complications.

Funding Details and Employees

Movano has been relatively successful in terms of funding, raising $42.5 million in its Nasdaq IPO, valuing the company at $154 million. The company also received $12.5 million in debt financing to support its operations.

With a total of around 25 employees, Movano is a small but growing company that is focused on innovation and developing new ways to improve women’s health.

Social Media Following

At present, Movano has just over 1,200 followers on Instagram, but the company has significant potential to expand its social media following as it continues to develop and refine its product. The Movano Smart Ring has the potential to transform the way that women manage their health, and the brand’s social media presence will likely play a crucial role in reaching a wider audience.


The smart ring market is rapidly growing, with new devices emerging all the time. Sleepon’s Go2sleep ring offers sleep monitoring and snoring reduction, while Movano is focused on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring for women with specific medical conditions.

As these devices continue to evolve and improve, they will become increasingly valuable tools for individuals looking to improve their health and wellness. While we may not know much about some companies in the smart ring market, such as Sleepon, others, such as Movano, have achieved significant funding and employee counts, indicating that there is a great deal of interest in wearable technology that can make a difference in people’s lives.

7) Honorable Mentions

While we have discussed several prominent players in the smart ring market, there are other notable brands and use cases worth mentioning. These include smart ring payments, NFC technology, and innovative devices such as the ORII Smart Ring, CNICK Tesla Smart Ring, and COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring.

These devices offer unique features that go beyond health and wellness tracking, making them versatile tools for everyday use.

Other Smart Ring Use Cases

Smart Ring Payments: One of the exciting advancements in smart ring technology is the ability to make payments using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. NFC-enabled smart rings, such as the ORII Smart Ring, CNICK Tesla Smart Ring, and COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring, allow users to make contactless payments simply by tapping their ring on a payment terminal.

This convenient feature eliminates the need to carry cash or credit cards, providing a seamless and secure payment experience. ORII Smart Ring: The ORII Smart Ring stands out among its competitors with its unique design and functionality.

This sleek ring allows users to place their finger on their ear to make calls with bone conduction technology. By transmitting sound through bone vibration, the ring turns the user’s finger into a makeshift headphone, allowing for private and discreet conversations.

The ORII Smart Ring also features voice assistant integration, enabling users to control various aspects of their smart devices with voice commands. CNICK Tesla Smart Ring: The CNICK Tesla Smart Ring is specifically designed for Tesla car owners.

The ring functions as a key card, allowing users to unlock and start their Tesla vehicle with a simple tap on the car’s door handle or dashboard. This innovative device eliminates the need to carry a physical key or key card and enhances the user experience by providing quick and effortless access to the vehicle.

COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring: Similar to the CNICK Tesla Smart Ring, the COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring is designed for use with Tesla vehicles. However, this smart ring takes it a step further by offering features such as gesture control.

With simple hand movements, users can operate various functions of their Tesla vehicle, including opening the trunk, adjusting the air conditioning, and even summoning the car. This intuitive and futuristic feature adds convenience and an element of excitement to the driving experience.

Smart Ring Business Cards: Smart rings are also revolutionizing the way we exchange contact information. With smart ring business cards, users can encode their contact details into the ring and pass it along to others with a simple tap.

The recipient can then retrieve the information by tapping the smart ring on their smartphone or compatible device, without the hassle of exchanging physical business cards. This innovative approach streamlines the process of exchanging contact information and reduces paper waste.

Encoded Locations: Smart rings can also be programmed to store specific locations, such as home or office addresses. By assigning a location to a specific finger gesture or tap, users can access directions or trigger location-based actions with a simple movement of their finger.

This feature eliminates the need to pull out a phone and manually input an address, offering a more seamless and efficient navigation experience. Telephone Calls: In addition to the ORII Smart Ring, there are other smart rings available that offer similar phone call capabilities.

These rings use a combination of built-in speakers, microphones, and Bluetooth connectivity to enable users to make and receive phone calls directly from their finger. This hands-free functionality is particularly useful when it is not convenient or practical to hold a phone or wear headphones, such as while driving or during physical activities.

As the smart ring market continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative use cases and versatile features added to these devices. From contactless payments and smart keys to phone call capabilities and location-based actions, smart rings are becoming indispensable tools that seamlessly integrate technology into our daily lives.

The smart ring market is booming with a range of devices offering various features and functionalities. Companies like Oura,

Circular, ArcX, Prevention, Sleepon, and Movano are leading the way in providing solutions for sleep tracking, athletic performance monitoring, health management, and more.

From reducing snoring to glucose monitoring and even making payments, smart rings are transforming the way we live and interact with technology. These wearable devices offer convenience, personalization, and valuable insights into our health and daily activities.

As the industry continues to innovate and expand, the potential for smart rings to revolutionize our lives is immense. Whether it’s improving sleep quality, optimizing athletic performance, or simplifying everyday tasks, smart rings offer a world of possibilities on our fingers.

Embrace the future of wearable technology and discover how these devices can enhance your well-being and efficiency in the modern world.

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