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The Rise Fall and Rebirth of OZY Media

Introducing OZY Media: The Future of News

When it comes to media outlets, it can seem like there is nothing new under the sun. But in the case of OZY Media, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Founded in 2013 by a team of entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds, OZY is all about exploring what’s next, what’s new, and what’s happening in the world right now. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the company, its founders, and what makes OZY unique.

Content Formats and Platforms

OZY Media is known for its diverse range of content, with a particular focus on text, audio, and video. Whether you prefer to read the news, listen to podcasts, or watch video content, OZY has something for you.

This focus on multiple formats is part of what sets OZY apart from other media outlets, as it allows them to reach a wider audience and cater to a variety of preferences. In terms of platforms, OZY has a strong digital presence, with its content primarily distributed through its website and social media channels.

However, the company has also expanded into the audio space with its OZY Confidential podcast, as well as into television with its OZY TV content. Focus on “the New and the Next”

One of the key tenets of OZY’s brand is its focus on “the new and the next.” This means that the company is continually seeking out new and interesting stories, ideas, and perspectives to share with its readers.

Whether it’s uncovering emerging trends in tech, highlighting up-and-coming musicians, or examining changes in global politics, OZY is always on the lookout for what’s around the corner. This focus on the future is reflected in the company’s tagline, which reads “Ahead of the Curve.” OZY sees itself as a forward-thinking media outlet, seeking to anticipate what’s next in order to give its readers a competitive edge in their own lives and careers.

In-Person Events and Awards Program

In addition to its digital content, OZY is also known for its in-person events. The company’s flagship event is OZY Fest, a two-day festival that brings together musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders for a celebration of ideas and culture.

The event features live music, food, and talks on a variety of topics, from politics to pop culture. OZY also hosts the annual OZY Genius Awards, which recognize talented young people who are doing incredible things in a variety of fields.

The winners receive a cash prize and mentorship from OZY’s network of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. This program is a reflection of OZY’s commitment to highlighting and supporting emerging innovators and change-makers.

Founding Story of OZY Media

OZY Media was founded in 2013 by Carlos Watson, Samir Rao, and Louise Rogers. Watson had previously worked as a journalist and political commentator, including as a CNN analyst, and had also served as a host on MSNBC.

Rao had experience working in finance, while Rogers had worked in the healthcare industry. The trio worked together on a previous media venture called The Stimulist, which focused on sharing positive news stories from around the world.

While The Stimulist ultimately folded, it laid the groundwork for what would become OZY Media. OZY Media received seed funding from several investors, including Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, and David Drummond, the chief legal officer of Google.

Since then, the company has gone on to raise additional rounds of funding, including a $35 million round in 2018.

Final Thoughts

OZY Media is a unique addition to the media landscape, offering a mix of text, audio, and video content with a focus on the “new and the next.” In addition, the company’s in-person events and awards programs demonstrate its commitment to supporting emerging innovators and highlighting fresh perspectives. Overall, OZY is a great resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and be in the know when it comes to emerging trends and new ideas.

Whether you prefer to read, listen, or watch, OZY has something for you. OZY Media: The Scandal and The Aftermath

In 2021, OZY Media was hit with a major scandal that put the company’s future in jeopardy.

The scandal involved allegations of impersonation, misleading claims, fake followers, and a questionable culture. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the scandal, its aftermath, and where OZY stands today.

Impersonation of YouTube Executive

At the center of the scandal was OZY’s former COO, Samir Rao, who allegedly impersonated a YouTube executive named Alex Piper. According to reports, Rao created a fake email account and used it to communicate with OZY’s investors and partners, claiming to be Piper.

Rao has since left the company. This incident raised concerns about OZY’s internal controls and its culture of transparency.

It also resulted in a loss of trust from investors and partners, who began to question the accuracy of other claims made by OZY.

Past Transgressions and Allegations

The impersonation scandal was not the first time OZY had been accused of misleading claims or questionable practices. In 2020, a New York Times investigation found that OZY had engaged in a practice known as “click farming,” in which the company paid for clicks and followers to boost its social media presence.

The Times’ investigation also uncovered allegations of a toxic work culture at OZY, with multiple employees reporting instances of sexism, racism, and bullying. These allegations led to the resignation of several high-level executives, including co-founder and CEO Carlos Watson.

Loss of Revenue, Investors, and Employees

The fallout from the scandal and the allegations of past transgressions had a significant impact on OZY’s financial health. The company reportedly lost millions of dollars in revenue as sponsors and partners backed away.

Several of OZY’s investors also pulled out, including German media company Axel Springer and Silicon Valley venture firm Greycroft. In addition, OZY saw a wave of resignations from employees, including key staffers in editorial and production roles.

This brain drain further complicated the company’s efforts to move forward. Watson’s Initial Decision to Shut Down Company

In the wake of the scandal, Carlos Watson announced that he was shutting down OZY Media.

In a letter to employees, Watson wrote, “We have run out of options. OZY can no longer continue as a going concern.”

Watson’s decision was a shocking one, as it appeared to signal the end of OZY after years of building a reputation for cutting-edge content and innovative events.

Reversal and Plans for Rebirth

However, just a few weeks later, Watson announced that he had secured new investment and was reversing his decision to shut down the company. In a letter to employees, Watson wrote, “We will not be defeated.

We will rebuild and come back stronger than ever.”

According to reports, OZY was able to secure funding from a group of investors led by LA-based management consulting firm DC Advisory, along with a commitment from advertising giant Publicis to sponsor OZY Fest. This injection of capital and support gave OZY a new lease on life, and the company quickly set about making plans for its rebirth.

Additional Lawsuits and Ongoing Scrutiny

Despite the infusion of new funding and the reversal of the shutdown decision, OZY’s troubles were far from over. In October 2021, the company was hit with a class-action lawsuit by investors who allege that OZY made false or misleading statements about its financial health and growth prospects.

In addition, OZY continues to face scrutiny from both its own employees and outside observers. In November 2021, a report from The Daily Beast alleged that OZY had gone on a hiring spree in the months after the scandal broke, even as the company struggled financially.

This has led to renewed questions about OZY’s commitment to transparency and its ability to rebuild trust.


The scandal that rocked OZY Media in 2021 was a serious blow to the company’s reputation and financial health. The impersonation of a YouTube executive, allegations of misleading claims and a toxic culture, and the loss of revenue, investors, and employees all put OZY in a precarious position.

However, the company’s ability to secure new funding and reverse its decision to shut down allowed it to continue operating. While OZY faces ongoing lawsuits and scrutiny, it remains committed to rebuilding its brand and reputation.

Only time will tell if it can succeed in doing so. OZY Media’s scandal and subsequent aftermath rocked the company, resulting in allegations of impersonation, misleading claims, fake followers, and a questionable culture.

Despite these difficulties, OZY was able to secure new funding and reverse its decision to shut down. However, the company still faces ongoing lawsuits and scrutiny.

The importance of the scandal is a reminder of the value of transparency and honesty, and of the consequences that can result from violating these principles. OZY’s story serves as an example of the importance of rebuilding trust and reputation in the aftermath of a crisis.

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