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Unleashing Product Management Success: The Must-Listen Podcasts for Product Managers

Introduction to Podcasts

Podcasts have garnered an increasing number of loyal followers in recent years, with over 55% of Americans having listened to one at least once. According to Edison Research, there has been a consistent increase in podcast listenership since 2013, with a significant spike in the past couple of years.

More than half of listeners consume the entire duration of a podcast episode and tune in to an average of seven shows per week. Besides being an excellent source of entertainment, podcasts are also a valuable resource for gaining insight on various topics, including product management.

Benefits of Listening

to Podcasts for Product Managers

Product managers are always seeking ways to gain perspective, understand different industries, and avoid distractions that may hinder their capacity for productivity. Listening to podcasts can provide an opportunity for product managers to expand their knowledge base and keep up with industry trends in bite-sized chunks that accommodate their busy schedules.

Podcasts present a valuable, low-commitment way of testing out new ideas and concepts without having to spend hours reading from journals or attending conventions. The gain in perspective from exposure to industry veterans, entrepreneurs, and experts can make for an enriching experience that can inform and inspire new approaches to product management.

This Is Product Management

This Is Product Management” is renowned as one of the leading podcasts on product management, inspiring hundreds of thousands of listeners with thought-provoking interviews, industry updates and pertinent insights on product management. The podcast has featured some of the most remarkable minds in the product management industry to deliver valuable insights on everything from product research to stakeholder management.

Hosted by Mike Fishbein and featuring guests across an array of industries, “

This Is Product Management” is worth subscribing to for any product manager. Topics and Guests Covered in “

This Is Product Management”

Product management podcasts are a treasure trove of knowledge, and “

This Is Product Management” distinguishes itself by offering articulate and thorough interviews on a diverse range of topics.

For instance, the podcast has described the intricacies of product research, interviewing experts such as Tomer Sharon, the Head of User Research and Metrics at Goldman Sachs and bestselling author of “Validating Product Ideas.” Another episode covered how to measure product management success with Keith Langbo, the head of Product Management at Account Management. Although many of the episodes are geared towards product managers, the topics are approached with enough nuance to offer unique insights to entrepreneurs, business managers and thought-leaders.

The podcast often addresses the importance of stakeholder management, such as in the episode featuring Mina Radhakrishnan, the co-founder of BuildZoom, on how to manage board members. This topic is relevant across several other industries, making this episode particularly informative for aspiring business executives.

Other notable episodes include interviews with industry heavyweights, such as Sonia Sahney Nagar, the Head of Product Management at Amazon Prime Video, who shares her insights on building a product roadmap for streaming services. An episode with two executives from the pharmaceutical industry, Jeet Singh and Manu K.

Jain, offer insights into the potential of AI integration in healthcare. The podcast also frequently features insights into how successful companies operate, including the Spotify episode, where Audrey Tsang, a Senior Product Manager at Spotify, describes the product development culture at the music streaming giant.

Another episode features the Director of Product Management at Under Armour, Emily Giannini, who offers an insightful look into how the company’s product managers work across departments towards singular goals. These episodes provide useful anecdotes and strategies that can be applied to a myriad of business contexts.


In summary, podcasts have become a staple for individuals seeking informative and entertaining mediums of media consumption, especially for product managers. “

This Is Product Management” offers an accessible and informative resource for anyone interested in the product management field, aided by its remarkable guests, thought-provoking questions, and helpful insights.

Through diverse discussions about various product-related issues, the podcast makes it clear that there is much to be learned from successful industry leaders and peers. Anyone aspiring to be successful in product management should make listening to “

This Is Product Management” a habit.

The world of podcasting has proven to be an efficient and resourceful avenue for sharing knowledge, news, and views on various subjects. The ever-expanding list of podcasts in diverse niches provides listeners with an array of options to choose from.

One of those niches is product management, and one of the podcasts that significantly stands out in this field is “The Product Podcast.”

Similarity to

This Is Product Management

“The Product Podcast” shares many similarities with “

This Is Product Management.” Both are products of Product School, an educational institution that specializes in providing product management courses and resources. Consequently, both podcasts host seasoned industry professionals and diverse speakers, each with an abundance of knowledge and experience in the product management field.

“The Product Podcast” focuses on showcasing entrepreneurs, product managers, and innovators, who are making a significant impact in their industries.

The topics range from in-depth discussions on product development to interviews with renowned professionals, covering a wide range of vertical industries.

“The Product Podcast” features an array of renowned speakers, including product managers from Google, Uber, Microsoft, and Airbnb, each with invaluable tips and techniques that will benefit budding product managers. The podcast has informative and insightful conversations, covering business strategies, best practices in the industry, and the future direction of the field.

Potential Drawback

While “The Product Podcast” offers an extensive range of insights and knowledge, one potential drawback is that some of the episodes may not be edited enough to meet the highest professional standards. The podcast often records its live sessions, leaving it prone to background noises, glitches, or disruptions from the audience.

Sometimes, echoes, muffled voices, and technical difficulties can affect the quality of sound, which may affect the overall listening experience.

The content of live episodes may also be limited to the time frame of the event, which can result in less depth and detail on certain topics.

The speakers may lack the opportunity to elaborate on more complex topics, and the conversation may seem more perfunctory. In contrast, episodes recorded in studios or over virtual communication platforms may be more precise, scripted, and edited to the highest standards.

In summary, listeners should expect a mix of raw and edited content from “The Product Podcast.”


Pivot is one of the most popular tech news podcasts, offering a humorous and lighthearted approach to discussing the latest developments in technology, politics, and business. It is hosted by two of the most respected names in tech journalism, New York Times bestselling author Kara Swisher and NYU professor Scott Galloway.

Pivot offers listeners a range of segments that cover trends in the tech space, analyses of corporate mergers, and commentary on the political landscape.

The podcast is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of fun and laughter while receiving updates on what is happening in the tech world.

The hosts’ chemistry is undeniable, making the podcast an enjoyable and entertaining experience. What sets

Pivot apart is Swisher and Galloway’s willingness to take on controversial topics and speak candidly about challenging industry figures.

For instance, in recent weeks, the podcast has discussed the Zuckerberg-Vax controversy, regulation of big tech, and the politics of the gaming industry.

The hosts’ willingness to be candid about matters that other tech journalists may shy away from makes

Pivot unique.

The podcast offers alternative perspectives and voices in the tech community, raising important questions and provoking engaging debates. Swisher and Galloway explore topics from all angles and attempt to predict how upcoming technologies will shape business and politics.


Product managers seeking to expand their knowledge base can benefit from listening to “The Product Podcast” and “

Pivot.” By tuning in to industry experts, thought leaders, and journalists, product managers can gain insight into the latest trends and strategies that could impact their businesses. While “The Product Podcast” focuses more on providing informative and insightful conversations for product managers,

Pivot offers a humorous take on the technology industry.

Podcasts like these allow listeners to stay abreast of the latest news, insights and trends in an engaging way. The technology industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, with constant change and evolution.

Keeping up with the latest news and trends in technology can be challenging for individuals, but with podcasts like “This Week in Tech” and “

Business Wars,” staying informed has never been easier.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

“This Week in Tech” (TWiT) is one of the most comprehensive weekly news roundtable podcasts covering the technology space. Hosted by Leo Laporte and featuring a rotating cast of industry experts, the podcast provides an in-depth analysis of the week’s most significant technology news.

The podcast covers topics like startup companies, product launches, and corporate news, with roundtable discussion and debates around each issue. The show’s format is designed to bring together industry experts to provide a unique perspective on the latest news in the technology space, prioritizing current trends and upcoming technologies.

The podcast is especially useful for individuals looking to stay ahead of the curve in technology news, providing a consistent stream of insights into the latest industry trends. It allows product managers to stay informed with the latest developments by providing an excellent resource for comparison and assessment between different technologies.

TWiT often covers breaking news stories, such as recent hacking scandals and iPhone launches, and they provide up-to-date analysis on any developing story. In February 2019, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accused the National Enquirer of extortion, leading to a fascinating discussion in one of TWiT’s episodes.

TWiT also delves into the latest controversies, such as Saudi Arabia’s alleged hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ mobile phone, and the impact that it may have on the tech industry.

Business Wars

Business Wars” is an immersive podcast that provides detailed examinations of historic company battles in a season-based format. Its focus is on the biggest companies in various industries, including those from technology, retail, and entertainment.

The podcast brings listeners deep inside the rivalries between the biggest companies and brands, giving a fascinating insight into the challenges and scandals that unfolded behind the scenes. The podcast covers some of the most renowned business battles of all time, including Facebook vs.

Snapchat, Netflix vs. Blockbuster, and the age-old Nintendo vs.

Sony feud. Each season is designed to be self-contained, where each episode tells the story of a significant event or key player in the battle.

Business Wars” is an excellent resource for product managers who want to learn about the strategies and tactics behind the world’s most exciting corporate rivalries. The show explores how companies maneuver, compete, and ultimately succeed or fail to achieve their goals, delivering insights and ferociously contested battles.

The podcast has an extensive library of episodes chronicling extensive company rivalries spanning multiple years. It goes beyond just discussing the economics of the struggles between companies, providing an in-depth analysis of the personal conflicts that fueled the battles.

It also highlights the different strategies that led to the success or downfall of each company, as well as the lessons from their triumphs and failures.


“TWiT” and “

Business Wars” are two podcasts that offer a wealth of information for product managers and business executives alike. “TWiT” gives listeners a weekly roundup of the latest news, trends, and controversies in the tech industry.

It’s an excellent way to stay informed and remain engaged with the latest developments in the technology world. “

Business Wars” dives deep into the most significant and fiercest battles in the corporate world, providing a rich learning experience through the examination of different companies’ rivalries and strategies.

Both podcasts provide a vast amount of invaluable information that can help product managers and business executives make informed decisions. In addition to the previously mentioned podcasts, “

Masters of Scale” and “

a16z Podcast” are two more excellent resources for product managers and business professionals looking to expand their knowledge base in the technology and investment realms.

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale” is a podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and a renowned venture capitalist with Greylock. The podcast features interviews with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs who have played a significant role in shaping the tech industry.

Each episode dives into the stories and strategies behind the growth of companies such as PayPal, LinkedIn, and Greylock. Hoffman’s “

Masters of Scale” is centered around the theory of blitzscaling, which he popularized in his book by the same name.

Blitzscaling refers to the approach of prioritizing rapid growth over efficiency during the early stages of a business, with a focus on capturing and dominating the market. Through interviews with industry giants like Bill Gates, Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston, and former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, the podcast offers insights into the mindset, strategies, and challenges faced by these successful entrepreneurs.

Hoffman’s interviews go beyond basic business advice. He delves into the personal experiences of his guests, sharing stories of their triumphs and failures.

By recounting their journeys, “

Masters of Scale” gives listeners a unique perspective on the struggles that accompany scaling a business. The podcast also provides practical tips and actionable advice for product managers seeking to grow their own companies.

a16z Podcast


a16z Podcast is an exploration of investment theses and the future of technology, hosted by Silicon Valley icon Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including investing, entrepreneurship, and the impact of technology on various industries.

One of the distinguishing features of the

a16z Podcast is the depth and diversity of topics discussed. It delves into the latest trends and advancements within the technology sphere through insightful conversations with industry experts.

The podcast touches upon topics such as artificial intelligence, bio tech, and the gaming industry, providing listeners with a multifaceted understanding of the technological landscape. Marc Andreessen, the host, is an industry heavyweight who co-founded Netscape and played a pivotal role in the development of the modern internet.

His insights and perspectives on technology and investing are invaluable for anyone interested in the tech industry. The podcast often features discussions with prominent figures in the tech world, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Lyft co-founder John Zimmer, and the founders of Pinterest and Slack.


a16z Podcast offers an in-depth analysis of the investment theses behind successful technology companies. Listeners gain insights into the strategies that leading entrepreneurs and investors employ to identify groundbreaking startups and create industry-disrupting companies.

It provides a unique view into the minds of those behind groundbreaking innovations, offering wisdom that product managers can apply to their own ventures.


Masters of Scale” and the “

a16z Podcast” are exceptional resources for product managers and business professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of the technology and investment landscapes. “

Masters of Scale” delves into the stories and strategies of successful business leaders, emphasizing the theory of blitzscaling and providing practical advice for growing and scaling a business.


a16z Podcast explores investment theses and highlights the trends shaping the future of technology, featuring insightful discussions with industry experts. Both podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, enabling product managers to navigate the rapidly evolving tech industry effectively.

In addition to the previously mentioned podcasts, “

The Acquired Podcast” and “

Exponential View” are two more noteworthy resources for product managers looking to gain insights into the world of acquisitions, IPOs, and the transformative impact of technology on business and society.

The Acquired Podcast

The Acquired Podcast” takes a deep dive into the nitty-gritty details of the biggest acquisitions and IPOs in the business world. Co-hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, the podcast explores the technological developments, strategic moves, and financial implications behind these monumental deals.

What sets “

The Acquired Podcast” apart is its thorough analysis and attention to detail. The hosts analyze historical acquisitions and IPOs, breaking down the reasons behind the moves and the impact they had on the companies involved, the industry, and the broader market.

By examining case studies such as Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram or Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, the podcast offers valuable insights into the decision-making processes involved in these transformative deals. Listeners can learn from the successes and failures of the past, observing the strategies companies used to achieve growth and navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.

The podcast’s analysis provides a unique perspective for product managers seeking to understand the dynamics of the business world and how M&A can impact their own companies. Additionally, “

The Acquired Podcast” offers a subscription-based service called the Limited Partner’s program.

Subscribers gain access to exclusive episodes and special content, including in-depth interviews with industry insiders, additional case studies, and Q&A sessions. This subscription option provides further value for product managers looking to delve even deeper into the world of acquisitions and IPOs.

Exponential View

Exponential View” is a podcast hosted by Azeem Azhar, who explores how technology is transforming business and society. Focusing on emerging technologies and trends, the podcast examines topics such as AI, blockchain, and their potential impact on various industries.

The podcast features interviews with experts and thought leaders in the fields of technology, business, and academia. These conversations provide listeners with valuable insights and fresh perspectives on technological advancements and their implications for society.

For example, an episode featuring Shai Wininger, co-founder of Lemonade Insurance, delves into how Lemonade leverages blockchain technology to disrupt the insurance industry. Another episode features Accenture’s CTO, Paul Daugherty, discussing the applications of AI in business.

Exponential View” goes beyond just discussing the technological aspects; it also explores the larger societal implications of these advancements. The podcast addresses topics like ethics, governance, and the impact on individuals and communities.

By examining both the potential benefits and challenges of these technologies, “

Exponential View” provides a well-rounded understanding of their transformative power. By listening to “

Exponential View,” product managers can gain a broader perspective on how emerging technologies are shaping the business landscape.

They can stay informed about the latest developments, potential disruptions, and ethical considerations that arise from the implementation of these technologies.


The Acquired Podcast” and “

Exponential View” offer valuable insights into the world of acquisitions, IPOs, and the transformative impact of technology on business and society. “

The Acquired Podcast” provides an in-depth analysis of the biggest business deals, examining the strategies and motivations behind them.

Product managers can learn from past successes and failures, gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies of acquisitions and their implications. “

Exponential View” explores how technology is reshaping various industries and delves into the larger societal implications.

By listening to this podcast, product managers can stay up-to-date with emerging technologies like AI and blockchain and gain insights into their potential impact beyond the business realm. Both podcasts provide excellent resources for product managers seeking to expand their knowledge base, enhance their strategic thinking, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the world of business and technology.

In addition to the previously mentioned podcasts, “Equity” is another noteworthy resource for product managers seeking to stay updated on recent financial developments in the startup world. Hosted by Alex Wilhelm, the editor-in-chief of TechCrunch, “Equity” offers insights into the latest news, trends, and funding rounds within the startup ecosystem.

“Equity” takes a closer look at the financial aspects of the startup world, including venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPOs). The podcast is known for its in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of the financial side of the tech industry.

As the editor-in-chief of TechCrunch, Wilhelm is a well-respected authority in the startup and tech world. His expertise and experience make “Equity” an invaluable resource for product managers looking to understand the financial landscape and potential opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

By keeping up with the latest funding rounds and investment trends, product managers can gain insights into market dynamics and the strategies of successful startups. One notable aspect of “Equity” is its lack of advertisement.

Unlike many other podcasts that feature sponsors or ads, “Equity” does not have any interruptions or commercial breaks. This allows the podcast to maintain a pure focus on delivering valuable content and insights without any distractions.

Listeners can enjoy a seamless listening experience, fully immersing themselves in the discussions and analysis provided by Wilhelm and his guests. The podcast regularly features notable guests from the startup and investment world, such as founders, venture capitalists, and other industry experts.

The conversations delve into the details of funding rounds, analyzing market trends, and discussing the potential impact of various financial developments on the startup ecosystem. By tuning in to “Equity,” product managers gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial side of the startup world.

The podcast provides real-time information and analysis that can inform decision-making processes within product management. From tracking industry trends to evaluating potential investment opportunities, “Equity” enhances the strategic thinking and financial acumen of product managers.

Furthermore, the podcast’s focus on financial developments helps product managers become more aware of the broader market landscape. Understanding industry dynamics and the financial health of various startups can provide valuable insights for product managers when assessing potential partnerships, collaborations, or competitive threats.


“Equity” is a must-listen podcast for product managers looking to stay updated on recent financial developments in the startup world. Hosted by Alex Wilhelm, the editor-in-chief of TechCrunch, the podcast provides in-depth analysis of funding rounds, investments, and IPOs within the tech industry.

With its lack of advertisement, “Equity” offers uninterrupted insights and valuable discussions from industry experts. Listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape of startups and obtain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions within product management.

By staying informed about the latest financial developments, product managers can enhance their strategic thinking and stay ahead in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem. In conclusion, podcasts have become invaluable resources for product managers seeking to expand their knowledge and stay informed about the latest developments in their industry.

With podcasts like “

This Is Product Management,” “The Product Podcast,” “

Pivot,” “

Masters of Scale,” “

a16z Podcast,” “

The Acquired Podcast,” “

Exponential View,” and “Equity,” product managers have access to a wealth of insights, expert interviews, and in-depth analysis. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including product management techniques, industry trends, successful business strategies, and financial developments.

The key takeaway is that by actively engaging with these podcasts, product managers can enhance their expertise, gain new perspectives, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape. Continuously learning from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs is crucial for achieving success in the field of product management.

So hit play, tune in, and unlock the secrets to success one episode at a time.

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