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Unlock Exclusive Deals: The UNiDAYS Student Discount Platform

UNiDAYS: The Student Discount Platform You Need to Know About

As a student, one of the perks you always look forward to is a good discount. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, tech, or anything in between, nothing beats the feeling of getting a good deal.

Thanks to UNiDAYS, students can now access exclusive discounts and deals from popular brands, making their student experience more affordable and enjoyable. In this article, we will explore UNiDAYS, its business model, how it works, its founding story, growth, and challenges.

Overview of UNiDAYS

UNiDAYS is a student discount platform that provides students with exclusive deals and discounts on a variety of products from popular brands. This platform seeks to help students stretch their budgets while still enjoying the things that matter to them.

Founded in 2011 by Josh Rathour, UNiDAYS has grown into a global network of brands and students, offering over 10 million students from more than 100 countries access to exclusive offers. UNiDAYS’ Business Model

UNiDAYS operates on an affiliate business model, where they receive a commission from brands for every sale made using their platform.

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved; the brand gets exposure to a new audience, while UNiDAYS gets a commission, and the students get a discount. By partnering with popular brands, UNiDAYS can provide students with incredible discounts on a variety of products, including clothing, technology, food, and more.

How UNiDAYS Works

To access the discounts and deals on the UNiDAYS platform, students must first register and verify their student status. This is done through a simple authentication process that verifies a student’s enrollment status with their institution.

Once you are verified, you can start browsing the platform for exclusive deals on products and services from top brands, including Apple, adidas, Ray-Ban, and more. The discounts offered by UNiDAYS are usually higher than what is available to the general public, making them more attractive to students.

Founding and History of UNiDAYS

UNiDAYS was founded by Josh Rathour in 2011 while he was still a student at the University of Nottingham. The inspiration for UNiDAYS came when Rathour was trying to buy discounted cinema tickets, and he noticed how difficult it was to access discounts as a student.

He realized that there was a huge gap in the market for a platform that would provide students with exclusive deals and discounts. Initially, UNiDAYS was known as and was solely focused on providing discounts for students at the University of Nottingham.

However, the platform quickly gained popularity, and soon, other universities in the UK joined the platform. By 2013, UNiDAYS had expanded to other countries, including Australia, the US, and Canada.

By 2017, the platform had over six million registered students and 600 brand partners. Despite its success, UNiDAYS has faced its fair share of challenges, including allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

In 2019, former employees accused the company of overlooking sexual harassment complaints made by female staff. UNiDAYS responded by reiterating their commitment to providing a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also presented some challenges, with many businesses across the world experiencing a downturn. However, UNiDAYS has experienced significant growth during this period, as more students turn to online shopping and take advantage of the platform’s exclusive deals and discounts.


UNiDAYS has revolutionized the way students access discounts and deals, providing them with a platform to save money while still enjoying the things that matter to them. The platform’s affiliate business model has made it possible for UNiDAYS to partner with popular brands and provide students with even more value.

UNiDAYS’ journey from its founding story to its global success has been impressive, with some challenges along the way. However, the platform’s commitment to providing students with exclusive discounts and promoting a safe work environment continues to make it a popular choice among students worldwide.

UNiDAYS’ Revenue and Ownership: Everything You Need to Know

UNiDAYS, founded in 2011, has come a long way since its inception. It has grown into a global platform, providing students with access to exclusive discounts from popular brands.

In this article, we will explore UNiDAYS’ revenue and profits, ownership structure, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. UNiDAYS’ Revenue and Profits

UNiDAYS’ revenue and profits have steadily grown over the years, with annual revenue in 2020 estimated to be around 35 million ($46 million).

The company has managed to maintain steady operating profits despite the pandemic, with a report stating that it achieved an operating profit of 3.5 million ($4.6 million) in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on UNiDAYS’ revenue, with some of its brand partners cutting back on their marketing budgets.

However, the company has been able to mitigate this impact by expanding its product offering and partnering with new brands to fill the gap left by the decreased spending of some of its existing partners. Additionally, UNiDAYS has also been focusing on promoting online shopping among students, as it remains a popular choice during the pandemic.

Overall, UNiDAYS’ financial performance has been strong, and the company’s revenue and profits continue to grow despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. UNiDAYS’ Ownership Structure

UNiDAYS was founded in 2011 by Josh Rathour, who currently serves as the company’s CEO.

Rathour co-founded the platform with Chris Perrett and James Eder, who are no longer involved with the company. Currently, UNiDAYS’ shares are owned by a number of individuals and investment firms.

The company’s ownership is predominately held by early-stage investors, including Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), Silicon Valley Bank, and Artemis. SEP, a growth equity firm, invested in UNiDAYS in 2015 during a funding round that raised 10 million ($13 million).

The investment helped UNiDAYS to expand its operations and partnerships, propelling it towards global success. In 2020, UNiDAYS announced that it had secured a further 51 million ($67 million) in a funding round led by the Foundry Investment Fund and including participation from SEP.

Silicon Valley Bank, a premier financial institution that provides financial services to technology and life science companies, has also invested in UNiDAYS. The bank has been providing financial services to UNiDAYS since its early days and has helped drive its financial growth.

Artemis, a UK-based investment manager, is also one of UNiDAYS’ shareholders. It is part of the company’s shareholding structure, which includes a group of private investors and some of the company’s executives.


UNiDAYS has experienced impressive financial growth over the years, with the company’s revenue and profits continuing to grow despite the pandemic. The company’s ownership structure is also diverse, with shares held by early-stage investors, investment managers, and private investors.

UNiDAYS’ ability to maintain its financial stability and expand its partnerships and offerings has helped cement its position as one of the leading student discount platforms worldwide. UNiDAYS, founded in 2011, is a student discount platform that has grown into a global network of brands and students, offering exclusive deals and discounts on various products.

The company’s affiliate business model provides a winning situation for everyone involved, with the student getting a discount, the brand getting exposure, and UNiDAYS earning a commission. UNiDAYS’ revenue and profits have steadily grown over the years, with an estimated annual revenue of 35 million ($46 million) in 2020, and its ownership is now held by various individuals and investment firms.

Despite challenges such as sexual harassment allegations and the pandemic, UNiDAYS has remained committed to its goal of providing students with exclusive discounts and promoting a safe work environment. UNiDAYS’ impressive financial growth and commitment to providing value to students make it a leading platform in its industry, a valuable resource for students worldwide.

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