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Unveiling Boxycharm: The Beauty Subscription Revolution

Boxycharm – The Ultimate Beauty Subscription Service

If you’re a makeup enthusiast who loves discovering new products, Boxycharm is one subscription service you should consider. From highly pigmented eyeliners to luxurious bathing products, this monthly subscription service offers a range of beauty-related items that cater to your every need.

In this article, we’ll explore Boxycharm’s subscription service, revenue model, history, product categories, and partnerships. Boxycharm’s Subscription Service

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers curated boxes filled with high-end makeup and beauty products.

With a subscription fee of $25 per month, you can expect to receive at least five beauty-related items worth over $100. The subscription service also offers an annual plan with a discount of $10, making each box cost $23.33 per month.

Customers who want to try out Boxycharm’s subscription service can opt for a monthly plan and cancel their subscription at any time. The annual plan, on the other hand, requires a one-time payment, which cannot be refunded.

Boxycharm’s Revenue Model

Boxycharm’s revenue model is based on two primary streams – subscription fees and online store sales. The subscription fees contribute to Boxycharm’s primary revenue as it involves sending out monthly boxes with pre-selected beauty products.

The company purchases these products at a wholesale price, allowing them to sell the boxes at a discounted price while still generating revenue. The second revenue stream comes from the online store sales.

Boxycharm has an online store that sells beauty products, which allows customers to repurchase the items they received in their monthly boxes. The store also has its collection of curated items, allowing customers to purchase additional products.

This additional revenue from the online store sales helps Boxycharm maintain its profitability. Boxycharm’s History

Boxycharm was founded in 2013 by Yosef Martin, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur.

Martin is the CEO of Merchandize Liquidators, a company that deals with overstock products from the fashion industry. Through his industry insight, Martin realized the potential that beauty subscription services had in the market.

Martin founded Boxycharm, aiming to deliver luxury beauty products for an affordable price. Boxycharm has since become a leading subscription service that has gained a loyal customer base.

Boxycharm’s Product Categories

Boxycharm’s subscription service offers a wide range of beauty products, ranging from mascara to bathing products. Here are some of the product categories they offer:

– Eyeliner: Boxycharm partners with beauty brands that offer high-quality eyeliners in various shades and formulations.

Whether you prefer a classic black liner or a colorful one, Boxycharm has got you covered. – Highlighters: Highlighters are an essential part of a makeup routine, and Boxycharm offers an array of options to choose from.

With shades that cater to different skin tones, you’re sure to find the one that suits your skin. – Lip Gloss: For those who love a touch of glam, Boxycharm partners with beauty brands that offer glossy and pigmented lip glosses.

Whether you prefer a glossy nude or a bold red, Boxycharm offers a wide range of options. – Mascara: When it comes to eye makeup, mascara is a must-have.

Boxycharm offers various mascara formulations that cater to your needs, whether you prefer lengthening or volumizing mascara. – Bathing Products: Boxycharm also offers beauty products outside of makeup, such as bathing products.

From bath bombs to body scrubs, Boxycharm partners with beauty brands that cater to your body care needs. Boxycharm’s Partnerships

Boxycharm partners with several beauty brands, including Marc Jacobs Beauty, Natasha Denona, NARS, Tatcha, and many more.

These partnerships allow Boxycharm to curate boxes filled with high-end makeup and beauty products, contributing to their valuable subscription service. In conclusion, Boxycharm’s subscription service is an excellent way to discover new beauty products without breaking the bank.

Its revenue model and partnerships have enabled the company to grow and maintain its profitability. With product categories ranging from eyeliner to bathing products, Boxycharm is a subscription service that caters to all your beauty needs.

How Boxycharm Works:

Subscription Options,

Beauty Quiz, and

Customer Customization

Boxycharm’s subscription service has become increasingly popular among beauty enthusiasts. As a subscriber, you can enjoy high-quality makeup and beauty items delivered right to your doorstep.

Here’s a look at how Boxycharm works and the various options available for subscribers.

Subscription Options

Boxycharm offers three subscription options – Boxycharm Base, Boxycharm Premium, and Boxycharm Luxe. Boxycharm Base is the standard subscription that includes five full-size beauty products worth over $100.

The subscription fee for Boxycharm Base is $25 per month. Boxycharm Premium is the advanced version of the base subscription and includes six to seven full-size beauty items worth over $175.

The subscription fee for Boxycharm Premium is $35 per month. Boxycharm Luxe is a quarterly subscription with a cost of $49.99 per box.

Each Luxe box includes 8-9 full-size beauty items worth over $250. Boxycharm Luxe provides subscribers with high-end products from premium brands, giving them the opportunity to try out new, luxurious products at a fraction of the retail costs.

Beauty Quiz

Before youre officially subscribed to Boxycharm, you will be prompted to take a beauty quiz. The quiz consists of questions that allow Boxycharm to cater to specific customer characteristics, such as skin type, allergies, and preferences.

The answers given in the beauty quiz will be used to curate custom boxes that cater to the customer’s needs.

Customer Customization

Boxycharm gives its subscribers the opportunity to choose some of the products that they will receive in their monthly boxes through Boxycharm Choices. This allows customers to select from a list of pre-determined items and self-select the product(s) that will be included in their boxes.

This customization option tailored to customers can improve satisfaction and increase customer retention. Boxycharm’s Product Sourcing

Boxycharm has become a leading beauty subscription service that provides customers with high-end beauty products at an affordable cost.

The company has a robust product acquisition process that allows them to offer affordable products to their subscribers. Here’s a closer look at how Boxycharm sources its products:

Product Acquisition

Boxycharm purchases its products from various brands in bulk, allowing them to keep costs low while ensuring subscribers receive high-quality and full-sized products. By purchasing in bulk, Boxycharm can negotiate better prices from manufacturers, which is then reflected in the subscription fee.

The company also sources its products from reliable suppliers who provide high-quality, in-demand beauty items. This allows the company to offer highly coveted products to their subscribers that they otherwise may not be able to afford or have access to.

Retail Expenses

Unlike high-end beauty retailers like Sephora, Boxycharm does not have the overhead retail costs or employee salary expenses associated with running a physical store. Boxycharm is an exclusively online-based business that only has to consider shipping costs.

This allows them to invest more in their online store, and their advertising and marketing efforts.

Advertising Costs

Boxycharm invests significantly in its advertising and marketing efforts, which includes influencer partnerships and digital advertising. This investment has paid dividends as Boxycharm has gained a loyal customer base with over six million subscribers.

By advertising more effectively, Boxycharm has attracted more subscribers to its service while keeping costs low.

In conclusion, the beauty quiz, customization options, and subscription tiers offered by Boxycharm allow customers to curate their monthly box to their needs and preferences.

Their product acquisition process allows them to source high-quality, in-demand products at low prices, reducing overhead costs. Boxycharm has become a leading player in the subscription service and continues to create an impressive impact in the beauty industry.

Boxycharm’s Growth:

Early Days,

Influencer Marketing, and

Raising Capital

Boxycharm has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2013, offering high-quality beauty products at affordable prices. Here’s a closer look into the key drivers of Boxycharm’s growth over the years.

Early Days

Boxycharm’s potential was first realized when founder Yosef Martin purchased a makeup lot of $375. The lot contained a large number of high-end beauty products, and Yosef recognized the potential to use eCommerce platforms to sell these products in bulk.

The venture drove success in the form of early profits, and the Boxycharm subscription service followed shortly after.

Influencer Marketing

Boxycharm has not only succeeded in offering high-end beauty products but has also found innovative ways to promote its subscription service via word of mouth. The company has partnered with numerous influencers who have promoted Boxycharm to their followers across social media platforms, resulting in a substantial surge in the subscriber base.

These influencer partnerships have allowed Boxycharm to establish a credible reputation among a diverse audience, leading to higher trust and increased confidence among its customers. Influencers are also naturally well-versed in promoting beauty-related brands and products, allowing Boxycharm to segment precisely its target audience.

Raising Capital

As Boxycharm scaled operations, it was necessary to increase funding. The company successfully raised $50 million in capital in a round led by private equity investor KarpReilly to support efforts to boost its subscriber base and to cater to greater demand for its brand.

This allowed Boxycharm to focus on pursuing innovative new opportunities, launching new products, and continuing its expansion into new markets. As Boxycharm gained more subscribers, the platform’s online store sales and advertising revenue grew, allowing the brand to remain profitable.

Boxycharm’s Innovations:

Luxe Box,

Augmented Reality Partnership, and

Covid-19 Pandemic

Boxycharm has been at the forefront of innovation in the beauty industry, constantly evolving its services to cater to customers’ needs. Here are some examples of Boxycharm’s recent innovations:

Luxe Box


Luxe Box offers subscribers a quarterly, premium subscription service, providing a range of high-end products worth over $250. This innovation provides an opportunity for product discovery and innovation.

It allows subscribers to experiment with new, luxurious items from premium brands at a reasonable price.

Augmented Reality Partnership

Boxycharm also debuted a partnership with the Facetune app to incorporate augmented reality technology with its product offerings. The app’s features allow users to try out makeup products virtually using the technology.

This innovation allows customers to test out various products before purchasing them, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Boxycharm’s revenue increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic as online shopping became the norm. Beauty subscription services saw increased demand, driving demand for Boxycharm’s services.

An increased focus on self-care during the pandemic had also increased the subscriber base and offered opportunities for Boxycharm to launch new products and services. In conclusion, Boxycharm’s growth story is a result of its innovative approach to the beauty subscription service industry, including early recognition of the eCommerce potential, influencer marketing, and capital raising activities.

Boxycharm is expected to maintain its leadership in the industry as it continues to innovate and improve its products and services. Boxycharm’s Revenue Generation:

Subscription Model,

Online Store Sales, and

Sales Incentives

Boxycharm has implemented various revenue generation strategies that have contributed to its success in the beauty subscription service industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how Boxycharm generates revenue through its subscription model, online store sales, and sales incentives.

Subscription Model

Boxycharm’s primary revenue stream comes from its subscription fees. The company offers different tiers of subscriptions, including Boxycharm Base, Boxycharm Premium, and Boxycharm Luxe.

The Boxycharm Base subscription, priced at $25 per month, includes five full-size beauty products worth over $100. Boxycharm Premium, priced at $35 per month, offers six to seven full-size beauty items worth over $175.

Boxycharm Luxe, priced at $49.99 per box on a quarterly basis, provides 8-9 full-size beauty items worth over $250. These subscription fees contribute significantly to Boxycharm’s overall revenue.

By offering a range of subscription options, Boxycharm appeals to different segments of the market, enabling customers to choose the level of products and experience they desire.

Online Store Sales

In addition to the subscription model, Boxycharm generates revenue through its online store. The online store allows customers to repurchase the individual products they received in their monthly boxes, giving them the opportunity to stock up on their favorite items or discover new ones they missed out on.

Furthermore, the online store also gives customers the option to recreate past boxes, allowing them to purchase full boxes from previous months. This feature appeals to subscribers who may have missed out on certain editions but still want to experience the full box.

The online store sales contribute to Boxycharm’s revenue in several ways. Firstly, it allows the company to sell single products at regular retail prices, potentially generating higher margins compared to the subscription model.

Sales Incentives

To further boost revenue, Boxycharm offers various sales incentives to its subscribers. One notable incentive is the Mega Drop Shop, an exclusive online shopping event that offers discounted prices on a wide range of beauty products.

This periodic sales event allows Boxycharm subscribers to purchase additional products at discounted rates, increasing overall customer satisfaction and engagement. Boxycharm also provides product discounts throughout the year, allowing subscribers to enjoy regularly priced items at reduced rates.

These sales incentives not only increase customer loyalty but also encourage additional purchases, driving revenue growth for the company. Boxycharm’s Ownership: Acquisition by IPSY and Combined Market Leadership

In 2021, Boxycharm was acquired by BFA Industries, the parent company of beauty subscription service IPSY, for a reported $500 million.

This acquisition has created a combined market leader in the beauty subscription service industry. By joining forces, Boxycharm and IPSY bring together their large subscriber bases and extensive brand partnerships to offer an unparalleled range of beauty products to their customers.

The combined entity now has a subscriber base of over 4.3 million and an estimated annual revenue of $1 billion. This acquisition reinforces the market leadership position of the combined entity and positions them to continue dominating the beauty subscription service industry.

Boxycharm’s acquisition by IPSY allows for increased operational efficiency, cost optimization, and the potential to expand into new markets, further driving revenue growth for the company. In conclusion, Boxycharm’s revenue generation strategies have been instrumental in its success in the beauty subscription service industry.

Through its subscription model, online store sales, and sales incentives, Boxycharm has built a strong revenue base. Additionally, the acquisition by IPSY has positioned Boxycharm for even greater market leadership and revenue growth in the future.

Boxycharm’s revenue generation and growth strategies have made it a powerhouse in the beauty subscription service industry. Through its subscription model, online store sales, and sales incentives, Boxycharm has managed to generate significant revenue and attract a loyal customer base.

The acquisition by IPSY further solidifies its market leadership position. Takeaways from Boxycharm’s success include the importance of catering to customer preferences, leveraging influencer partnerships, and constantly innovating to meet evolving customer needs.

As the beauty industry continues to thrive, Boxycharm’s revenue generation strategies serve as a valuable example for businesses seeking growth and success in the subscription service market.

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