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ZipRecruiter: The Revolutionary Job Board for Employers and Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter: The Online Job Board for Employers and Job Seekers

Are you tired of the tedious process of finding the perfect candidate for your job opening or the never-ending search for job opportunities? ZipRecruiter is your solution to the age-old problem of matching job seekers and employers.

In this article, we will explore the ins-and-outs of ZipRecruiter, how it works, and why it is a game-changer in the job search ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an online job board that connects job seekers and employers in a seamless and efficient way. Launched in 2010, ZipRecruiter has risen to become one of the largest job marketplaces in the world.

With over 25 million job seekers and a network of 100+ job boards, ZipRecruiters platform is designed to maximize hiring success and provide the best job opportunities. The business model of ZipRecruiter is unique because it offers both subscription-based fees and additional tools to employers.

This business model provides a steady flow of revenue while ensuring that employers have access to additional resources to optimize their hiring process. Its a win-win for both employers and job seekers!

How ZipRecruiter Works

ZipRecruiters platform is user-friendly and allows both employers and job seekers to have a hassle-free experience. Its a two-way street where employers can post job openings, while job seekers can apply for them with just a few clicks.

The first step for employers is to post a job vacancy on ZipRecruiters website or mobile app. The job posting automatically gets shared across 100+ job boards, ensuring maximum reach.

To further streamline the hiring process, ZipRecruiters platform scans its extensive database of resumes and invites suitable candidates to apply for the posted job opening. Job seekers can search for job opportunities based on location, job title, and specific skills.

The platform also provides salary data and testimonials from other job seekers who have previously applied for the job opening, thus providing job seekers with all the essential information they need to apply for the job.

Additional Features of ZipRecruiter

One essential feature available to both job seekers and employers on ZipRecruiters platform is their API. This feature allows businesses to integrate ZipRecruiters platform into their workflows and streamline their hiring process.

This means that companies can directly post job vacancies on ZipRecruiter from their internal workflow, and candidates can apply directly through their workflow. Another vital feature of ZipRecruiters platform is its referral program.

Both job seekers and employers can earn a referral bonus by introducing a new candidate or employer to the platform. This incentivizes both parties to recommend ZipRecruiters platform to their colleagues, creating a community that benefits everyone.

ZipRecruiter also offers a white-label SaaS product that allows enterprises to customize their hiring process to fit their brand, theme, and style. This SaaS product is an excellent feature for businesses that value brand consistency and the customization of their hiring process.


ZipRecruiter is an industry pioneer in quickly and efficiently matching job seekers with top employers using its highly sophisticated platform. In a hyper-competitive world, ZipRecruiter has carved out its niche, helping thousands of job seekers and employers daily.

ZipRecruiters success can be attributed to its commitment to providing the best services to its users, offering additional resources to businesses to optimize their hiring processes, and their provision of innovative technologies such as their API and white-label SaaS products. Whether youre an employer looking for top talent or a job seeker looking for the perfect job, ZipRecruiter has you covered.

Start exploring and experience an innovative hiring process like never before.

3) A Short History Of ZipRecruiter

The genesis of ZipRecruiter dates back to 2010 when Ian Siegel, Joe Edmonds, Ward Poulos, and Will Redd founded the company. The founding team came together due to their shared frustration with the inefficiency of traditional recruiting processes.

They recognized a need for a more seamless and cost-effective solution, which led to the genesis of ZipRecruiter. In its early days, ZipRecruiter focused primarily on small- and medium-sized enterprises that struggled to find a suitable candidate for their open job positions.

The founders saw an opportunity to offer an affordable solution to these enterprises by integrating their platform with various job websites and aggregators. Through hard work and a bootstrap mentality, ZipRecruiter gained early success, which led to exponential growth.

The company quickly became known for its innovative approach to recruiting and its drive to improve the hiring experience for both job seekers and employers. With its growing success, ZipRecruiter expanded beyond its Southern California headquarters, opening satellite offices in Tempe, Arizona, Tel Aviv, Israel, and London, England.

The Tel Aviv office, in particular, became a significant part of ZipRecruiters growth story, serving as a dedicated research center for machine and deep learning research. ZipRecruiters commitment to innovation and excellence did not go unnoticed, as outside investors began to take notice.

In 2014, Accel Partners invested $63 million in ZipRecruiter, giving the company the resources to further improve its platform and expand its operations. The company later raised $156 million in growth equity funding in 2018, further cementing its position as a major player in the recruiting industry.

4) How Does ZipRecruiter Make Money? ZipRecruiters unique business model allows the company to offer maximum value to both job seekers and employers.

The companys pricing packages are flexible and lucrative, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to use the platform without breaking the bank. The bulk of ZipRecruiter’s revenue comes from monthly subscription plans that businesses can use to list their open job positions on the platform.

The price of these plans varies depending on the number of job openings and the level of access to additional features and support services. By offering flexible subscription plans, ZipRecruiter can accommodate businesses of all sizes and industries.

ZipRecruiter also generates revenue through its email-based pay-per-click (PPC) program, which allows businesses to advertise their job listings to job seekers who fit specific criteria. This approach ensures that businesses can target their ideal candidates and increase their chances of successful hires while generating revenue for ZipRecruiter.

Finally, ZipRecruiter offers a white-label software solution that allows businesses to customize the look and feel of the platform to their brand identity. This option is perfect for businesses that require a more personalized hiring process, ensuring that their brand is well-represented during the recruitment stage.


ZipRecruiter has come a long way since its humble beginnings ten years ago, helping to revolutionize the hiring process for businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries. The company has grown from a small operation to an industry giant, thanks to its innovative solutions, hard work, and commitment to excellence.

As ZipRecruiter continues to evolve and improve its services, making its platform more accessible and user-friendly, the company will undoubtedly continue to be an industry leader. Its growing reputation will likely attract more businesses, making it a vital tool for recruiting the best talent across the globe.

With flexibility, affordability, and customization at the core of its offerings, ZipRecruiter is a valuable ally in the world of recruitment and human resources. 5) ZipRecruiter Funding, Valuation & Revenue

ZipRecruiter has become one of the most successful job search companies in the industry in just over a decade.

To achieve this success, it has relied on venture capital funding, which has helped the company grow rapidly and become a major player in the job search industry.

Venture Capital Funding

ZipRecruiter has received two rounds of venture capital funding, totaling $219 million, which has helped fund its growth and expansion. In 2018, the company raised $156 million in growth equity funding, led by Wellington Management Company, IVP, and K1 Capital.

The funds were earmarked to help ZipRecruiter expand its platform offerings and services further, in addition to exploring new market opportunities. The prior round of funding occurred in 2014 when ZipRecruiter raised $63 million in a series A funding led by Accel Partners.

This strategic investment provided not only resources but also access to new strategic partnerships, helping solidify ZipRecruiter as a major force in the online job search industry. Valuation of $1.5 Billion

ZipRecruiter’s latest funding round in 2018 also established its valuation at $1.5 billion, which earned it a spot in the coveted ‘unicorn club.’ This places the company among an exclusive group of privately-owned companies that have reached the billion-dollar valuation mark.

ZipRecruiter’s exceptional valuation is a testament to its dedication to providing top-quality services and innovative solutions to employers and job seekers globally. By offering a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and efficient, it has successfully disrupted the traditional hiring process and formulated itself as a pioneer in the industry.

Private Funding Leading to Lack of Public Disclosure on Revenue or Profit/Loss Metrics

Despite the phenomenal success and accolades, ZipRecruiter has chosen to remain private, which has kept its revenue and profit/loss metrics undisclosed. Private funding and a lack of public disclosure have allowed ZipRecruiter to increase its growth and expansion on its terms, without the prying eyes of public shareholders.

While the private status of ZipRecruiter necessitates a lack of public disclosure, it does not, however, mean that the company is not profitable or on a path to generate significant revenue in the future. The company’s substantial growth and success to date have provided insight into the potential revenue and profit margins that the company could generate in the long run.

In conclusion, ZipRecruiter’s venture capital funding, valuation, and private funding status have helped the company grow and expand its market reach. Its current status as a member of the unicorn club is a testament to the company’s dedication and commitment to providing an innovative and user-friendly platform for job seekers and employers alike.

While its private funding status leads to a lack of public disclosure, the company’s growth and achievements to date in the online job market industry are a promising indicator of its growth potential into the future. In summary, ZipRecruiter has established itself as a leading player in the job search industry through its innovative platform and dedication to providing value to both job seekers and employers.

Despite being a privately funded company, ZipRecruiter’s success is evident in its two rounds of venture capital funding totaling $219 million and a valuation of $1.5 billion that places it in the unicorn club. While specific revenue and profit/loss metrics remain undisclosed, ZipRecruiter’s remarkable growth and impact on the industry indicate its promising future.

The article highlights the significance of ZipRecruiter’s funding, valuation, and private status, showcasing its success and positioning it as a game-changer in the job search market.

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